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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Namjoon x Reader
Length: 1113 words
Summary: Finally found a man I want. Until he turned out to be my student.
Part: 5/?
“Excuse me?!” I spluttered.
He was in my apartment without my permission, yet he had the nerve to resort to name calling?
He pushed himself off the door and took a couple of steps forward. “You heard me. I’m standing right here, yet you just said ‘yes’ to a fucking date.”
I was incredulous. “It’s not a god damn date Namjoon.”
I didn’t have to explain myself to him. Who the hell did he think he was. I sighed, pinching at my forehead- it was starting to hurt.
“Go home, it’s getting late.”
He scoffed quietly. I looked up just as he came a little closer. Alarm bells were ringing in my head, and I warily took a step back.”Don’t worry Teach.” I hated it when he called me that. “It’s not my bed time just yet.”
The way his voice dropped an octave made me feel...vulnerable.
“Namjoon... please...”, I whispered. I wanted him-no, I needed him to go before I did anything stupid.
“Please what?” He leaned his face closer to mine. “Why the fuck would you do that, Y/N? Huh? Right in front of me? You know how I feel about you...about us.” He gently placed his hands on my shoulders.
“There is no US”, I sighed, my voice cracking slightly. “There can’t be an ‘us’ Namjoon. Why are you making this so difficult?”
“Don’t say that”, his gentle touch became a tighter grip. “Don’t fucking say that.”
Then he started badgering me with questions he knew I didn’t want to answer. “What the hell does he have that I don’t? What do you see in him?!” He demanded, shaking me slightly. I tried to shrug him off, but to no avail.
“For the last fucking time”, I spoke quietly, not wanting to waste my already depleting energy screaming at him, “We are not dating. We’re meeting up. That’s it.”
There was silence, and all I could hear was his heavy breathing. So I added, “And you have no fucking right to barge in here, call me a ‘bitch’ and then demand to know about my private life.... that IS harassment.”
Namjoon stroked my cheek. “You think this is harassment?”, his deep voice questioned me softly. I closed my eyes at his touch. No. NO y/n. Don’t even think about it.
“Do you want this?” He asked in the same tone.
I managed to splutter out, “I can’t answer that.” because truly I couldn’t. ‘Yes’ would have been illegal. But ‘no’ would have been a lie.
His lips ghosted over my own, and like an idiot, I leaned in further, for more contact. He chuckled. “I’ll ask again baby girl”, he spoke, whilst snaking his hands down to rest on my hips.
He moved his lips down to my ear and whispered, “Do. You. Want. This?” My hands moved to grip his shoulders.
I cleared my throat before cautiously asking, “What would you do if I said ‘no’?”
“Walk away”, he answered simply. When I didn’t respond, his grip loosened on my hips, and my grip simultaneously tightened on his shoulders.
“I didn’t say ‘no.”
He laughed. “But you’ve not said ‘yes’ either.” He started walking forwards, forcing me to walk backwards, until we hit the wall.
I gasped as he placed his lips on the area under my ear. Wherever his lips touched left a hot trail of tingles. I craned my neck to give him better access, but he pulled away.
He looked into my eyes and I realised what he was waiting for. So with a look of false determination (and as selfish as it was) I said “Yes.”
And that was enough.
He attacked my mouth immediately, our tongues interlaced. I moaned at the familiar feeling. He felt under my shirt and hummed in approval. And at the same time, he was grinding against me.
Again, he moved back to my neck, eager to leave his marks all over me. The old ones had only just started to disappear, but I didn’t care.
“N-namjoon”, I moaned in pleasure. How could he make me feel this good when he had only just started?
He unbuttoned my shirt, flinging it off, and immediately started to mark the exposed skin. He was being unusually rough, but I liked it. He paused to remove his own jacket and shirt.
I bit my lip at the sight- I would never get over seeing Namjoon shirtless.
My hands got busy with trying to unbutton and unzip his jeans as we kissed. He wriggled out of them and his boxers simultaneously. He guided me to my sofa, still not wanting to break the kiss.
He then pushed me down and practically ripped off the rest of my clothes. He climbed on top of me, to then flip me over, so I was straddling him. He positioned himself.
I looked at him as I sunk down, both of us moaning each others names. “Oh shit”, he gasped as I started rolling my hips back and forth. The sensation of Namjoon in me was overwhelming. He was special.
“Fuck”, I gasped as I picked up speed. He flipped us once again, saying something about me not being fast enough, and started to thrust relentlessly.
“Namjoon!” I screamed as he continuously pounding into me, hitting the spot where I needed him. I was scratching at his back, too lost in my pleasure to care about the marks I was leaving.
The waves of euphoria hit me soon after, as I moaned his name once more. Namjoon’s thrusts became irregular and then he pulled out for his own release.
He cleaned us up and flipped me over one last time so I was lying on top of him, looking at his beautiful face.
I could feel his heartbeat on my own chest as the two of us gasped for breath.
“So beautiful”, he murmured.
It was strange. He was the same Namjoon who shouted and yelled when he didn’t get his own way. The same Namjoon who had called me names. Yet right now, he was being so gentle, stroking my hair. We fell asleep like this, utterly exhausted.
I woke up to an empty apartment. I lay there stark naked on the sofa, taking a minute to process what had happened last night. There was a little note on the coffee table. I sat up to read it.

Hey Teach. See you in lecture later. Namjoon x

“Fuck!” I yelled in a rage, scrunching up the paper, and throwing it on the floor. I had given in. I had done it again. Namjoon had knocked down all those barriers I had put up to stop this.
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Who could resist namjoon? Like let's be real here😑😑
Ohhh Damn that was HOT!! Always hot when it's a NO NO!😉 *raires hands above head*I surrender! *throws Namjoonie handcuffs*😉😉😉
omg Namjoon is my ULTIMATE BIAS this is killing me I wouldn't care if I was his teacher I'd let him do what ever he wants omg I love this story so much it gives me the feels !!!!!!!
tag haha damn I feel free screw the law lol
way to go put your foot down teach 😂😂
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