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Sports figures are prevalent on Time Magazine's list of "Most Influential People in the World."
The list, published Thursday morning, includes Golden State Warriors guard and reigning NBA MVP Stephen Curry.
The Curry selection makes a lot of sense.
If you enter any practice arena, now, more than ever you see kids have a deep desire to be able to shoot the ball from deep at a high level.
The biggest factor in the surge of that particular skill in basketball is Stephen Curry. He floats up and down the court and shoots threes all game long. His personal and team success had led to the NBA advertising him at a high level.

Who do you think is the most influential player in the NBA right now?

Curry has definitely become the new face of the NBA. LeBron is obviously still up there, but he's no longer in control of the spotlight.
He deserves ir
I still would say LeBron haha.
Gotta be Curry.