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Nintendo live-streamed the Star Fox anime they made to promote Star Fox Zero yesterday and even though it was pretty short, I still thought it was good. I really like the animation of all the characters and I really enjoyed spending 13-14 minutes watching an animated version of what seems to be the first mission of the game.
And maybe I should just admit that Slippy Toad was the best part of this whole thing (aside from Falco playing video games). There's something about Slippy's silly attitude that really resonates with me -- which I've talked about before -- but in this anime he's basically the hero.
I mean he's always the hero to me. But in this short, he's definitely the hero. But one of my favorite Slippy Toad moments is when they all get into their ships and he misses dropping into the cockpit on purpose and just hops back into the chair while saying "just kidding". It's such a dumb gag but I loved it... Even though Fox looks like he's tired of that joke.
Anyway, did you guys watch it? What did you think? Also what was your favorite Slippy Toad moment? Let me know in the comments below!
This looks... EXCELLENT!!!
I just watched it and I love it!!!!! I'm getting the game tomorrow for sure now lol