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I hate jins blonde hair I don't like it at I hate it so much my bias for this comeback changed to kookie...I also hate namjoons hair...the style to me isn't cute at all I'm so sorry but that's how I feel
you know I will never judge your opinion at all. if you don't like it you don't but don't you kinda admit that saying you hate it so much you changed to kookie seems a little harsh?....
i am not going to hate on you but you should not put Jin down just cause he changed his hair. that is if you really like him. maybe you just have come to like jungkook more. there is nothing wrong with that. personally i love RM. but i do agree with you i am mot loving his new hair but he has always been my ub and though the rest of my list may change he will always be on top.
@ravenblackwell thank you...and the reason I said my bias for this comeback is kookie is because he looks the best to me and I will be paying the most attention to him...but jin will most likely grown on me....