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How many have you tried?

Personally I'm still loyal to the iPhone: I've used Samsungs a few times and I feel like they have more potential but the user interface has always been really frustrating for me. Plus Apple tends to get apps earlier and have more frequent bug fixes (sorry Android). What's everyone else's take?
@iixel that's good to know! I only started using the iPhone because I got one as a gift XD but since the LGs are cheaper and now that I know someone else who likes the interface I'll have to check them out
I know the feeling. I have the LG G3 and I'm waiting for my upgrade so I can get the G5. The interface is pretty simple and it's the only brand I keep going back to for phones
@iixel oooh I haven't really used an LG in a while, I may check that out the next time I need an upgrade (which hopefully won't be a while lol)
i have used lumia 1020 for a year and i had a blast with its camera which is now outdated. using lg g4 at the moment and its amazing imo.
Samsung's interface almost drove me to insanity lol I traded that phone out within 24 hrs. Not an Apple fan either. LG has my vote
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