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How many have you tried?

Personally I'm still loyal to the iPhone: I've used Samsungs a few times and I feel like they have more potential but the user interface has always been really frustrating for me. Plus Apple tends to get apps earlier and have more frequent bug fixes (sorry Android). What's everyone else's take?
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@iixel that's good to know! I only started using the iPhone because I got one as a gift XD but since the LGs are cheaper and now that I know someone else who likes the interface I'll have to check them out
i have the lg g5 and it actually has dual camera on the front. One is a 16mp which takes fantastic quality photos and quick the other is a 8mp wide angle lens which take decent pics when you are trying to capture more in one photo. I also got an attachment called the cam plus module which gives you an actual shutter butter and makes your phone feel like a real camera. i love the lg g5 and i don't think its possible to dislike. not to mention the fact they did away with the app drawer so its set up kind of like thd iphone is
i just got an Lg g5 and the cam is awese
awesome lol
I have the LG V10 and the camera is freaking awesome