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The moment of truth. This is where sh*t goes down lol
...And Someone Falls (Chen's POV) I hope she's alright, it was kind of shocking to see Suho pick her up. I had a feeling that he had something to do with this, but I don't think he would let any fans to come up on stage in the middle of performance, and attack a member like that. "What do you think you girls were doing?" The manager was talking to the girls that attacked Maria "We don't want our oppas to be taking away, we don't want that girl in their group." one of them spoke. So Suho didn't have anything to do with this. "Jongdae, we need you and the rest of M to get back to your dorm and gather some clothes for Maria to change into after she gets released from the hospital" The manager said, I nodded and grabbed Lay and Xiumin and went back to our dorms. "I hope she's okay." Lay said I nodded. Her phone rang, I had almost forgot that I had it. It a phone call labeled "Hime-Time" I answered "Hello?" I tried my best saying in English "Maria?" He asked "No, this is Chen her friend" I answered back "Oh, this is her brother Jaime, I'm out on tour, and stopping in Seoul for a couple days" He said "I'll have her call you, we just got done with a show" I said trying not to mess anything up. "Oh, okay just have her call me back" He said "Okay, goodbye" I said he returned the bye and hung up. "Who was that?' Xiumin asked "Maria's older brother" I said, "Oh, why didn't you tell him she was in the hospital?" He asked. "I don't know, maybe she can." I replied back. I picked out a simple outfit for her, a pair of torn jeans, her pink Vans, A band shirt, what I assume to be her brothers band, her beanie and her glasses, and a face mask for all of us so we can try to sneak out of the hospital later. We left the dorms, Xiumin got a call from one of the other member "Yea, were heading there now, Well we'll drop her clothes off then we'll be over, okay, okay see ya." Then he hung up He looked at me and he had a worry look "What is it hyung?" Lay asked "Meeting with the CEO, and out manager about Maria." He replied. We all nodded "What is it about?" I asked "The other members and the manager found out about you and Maria dating." He said I looked at him "The only ones that know are us and Chanyeol." Lay spoke, "Suho, was the one that told manager hyung." Xiumin answered. How did he know? Then I realized, "He seen the way we were close and whispering to each other" I finally said Xiumin nodded "This is not going to end well" I said, "I'll take the fall" I said I wasn't going to let nothing happen to Maria. "There's something else too, but Baekhyun said that it's being withheld until we get there." He said, I wonder what that is. We got to the hospital, and went right up to Maria's room, "Hey" she faintly said we smiled and hugged her "We can't stay long we have to attend an important meeting." Lay said we all nodded "I'll be fine guys. I'll be back at the dorms tomorrow" She said, I handed her phone to her "Your brother called" I said she nodded "Thanks" she said avoiding contact with me, I tried giving her a hug, but she slightly pushed my chest, "I don't want you guys to be late, go" She said I smiled at her, but she looked like she was hiding somthing. "See you later Maria" Xiumin said walking out first she waved as I closed the door. Something weird is going on, and the only way to find out is at this meeting. We got back to the company and went to one of the meeting rooms, "About time you guys got here." Kai said I shook my head and sat down, I looked at Suho as he avoided my stare, seriously what's going on. "So, since the rest showed up, I guess we can start to explain everything that's going on." Manager hyung said, "The company, as well as fans, seen how caring and supportive Suho was.." He trailed off as I looked at him "The company wants Maria and Suho to come out as a couple." He finished, some of the guys were opened mouths some were clapping, as for me I stood up and left the room. I got out to the lobby, and kicked a table over, so that's what going on I said to myself. I texted Maria "You knew this was going to happent" I said. As I waited for a reply Chanyeol came out "Are you okay Jongdae?" He asked "Are they seriously doing this? I should go in there and tell them the truth" I said "It's no use, Me and Noona already tried" He said I shook my head and Suho came out with D.O. and Sehun following behind him "Sorry to ruin your little love fest Jongdae, but this is how its going to be for now on." He smirked "That's what you think hyung" I said and walked away. I went and found one of our drivers and asked him to drive me back to the hospital. I have to see Maria, and let her know I'm not giving up if she doesn't. Then I got a text back from her "I'm sorry oppa, we can't do this anymore." That, that's what hurt the most.
Well... That was a huge plot twist. Next chapter will be a good one. I'm having some guests in the next chapter. Thank you to all that take time to read my story I love you all. :) Gomabseubnida (: Tags: @GeniferEskue @SindyHernandez @Kpossible4250 @tiffany1922 @KristinaCaron @MidnightMadness @EmmaJolie
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