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It's 2016, so I know that describing things as "hipster" on the Internet makes the people who read it roll their eyes so hard that they can see behind them. But how else could I describe this game? Your main character wears a flannel shirt and most of his moves revolve around records that he owns.
It's this surreal "let's look for this person who has gone missing" quest in the style of old Japanese Turn-Based RPGs. And when you watch the trailer (below), it's something that works. Honestly, watching the trailer it's hard for me to remember that this is essentially an Indie game.
It's a game that's hard to explain so please, please just watch the trailer above. It sets the tone and environment of the game in a short amount of time and it all works. Seriously. It's something that feels and looks like it could have been made by a Japanese studio trying to harken back to the Turn-Based RPG style but it isn't.
The voice acting is top-notch and doesn't miss a step and the combat looks both engaging and old-school at the same time. One of the things that really grabs me about this game is how all the characters -- including the protagonist -- are all regular-looking people.
Sure, they have these insane battles with monsters or enemies but the characters all look like people who could actually exist. There isn't a character wearing a robe or holding a staff or anything that's too fantasy or sci-fi.
The design of the game is so interesting to me even when it goes into those weirder environments. YIIK describes itself as a "post-modern RPG" and while I can't fully commit to that describe because I haven't played the game, it still sounds like an appropriate way to describe it.
Even though the trailer says it's coming out in the Summer of 1999, the actual expected release date is this summer. YIIK will be available for PC and PS4 if it releases this summer and it'll be released on Xbox One after the initial release date. I hope it doesn't get delayed or anything 'cause I really want to get my hands on it.