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The two of you grab a taxi together to the meeting. As you walk in the door, Moonie is the first to look up and take in the two of you. He gets up to give you a hug and whispers in your ear,
“I detect a definite shift from yesterday. Details later baby girl!”
He bops you on the nose to emphasize his point as he makes his way back to his seat. He then pulls out the seat next to him,
“I saved you a seat darling, come sit by me.”
You walk over and take a seat as Kyungil grabs the chair directly across from you. Within ten minutes of the meeting starting your phone starts to buzz. You grab it before it makes a disturbance;
MJA: What did he just say? I’m distracted.
You glance up and across to see him staring at you with a small smile. You shake your head and send a reply back.
YOU: He said to pull your head out and pay attention. Some of us need this job you know.
You place your phone back to the side and go back to taking notes. You hear a snort from across the table and smile to yourself without looking up. Moonie jabs you in the ribs with his elbow.
You send him a questioning look and he points over at Kyungil and to your phone. You simply nod and a big smile creases his face.
You amost make it through the hour meeting but just barely as he keeps sending you distracting texts.
MJA: Let me take you to lunch.
YOU: Possibly.
MJA: Possibilities are endless, keep that in mind.
YOU: It’s possible I could never speak to you again if you lose me this contract.
- - - - - -
MJA: When is Jak getting back?
YOU: How do you know Jak is gone?
MJA: I slept at your place last night remember? Ouch.
You smirk at the, ‘Ouch’. Turnabout is going to be so much fun.
YOU: Oh, that was you?
MJA: Grrr...Watch it woman I won’t get partially dressed next time.
You blush at the memory of his towel drapped body. You hear a snicker and look up in time to see him put his phone down in victory.
Moonie nabs you as you prepare to leave,
“Lunch with me and dirt girl, I want all the dirt.”
You glance over at Kyungil who raises an eyebrow but then shakes his head. You see him text as he heads out the door.
MJA: Go with Moonie I’ll catch you for dinner? 5?
You smile as you put your phone away and link your arm with Moonie’s.
“Lead the way, sir.”
He starts in the minute your seated in the small cafe.
“I was right wasn’t I?”
He doesn’t even wait for you to respond.
“I know that boy. If he wasn’t interested he wouldn’t have even paid attention to you let alone sit moodily staring at you through meetings. But he also wouldn’t just come out with it, how did you find out?”
“He found out I changed my number. He ended up at a bar drunk; Yijeong and I went and got him.”
Moonie starts to laugh, “Alcohol makes for loose lips.”
He stops leers at you, “Wait, just how loose were they?”
You smack his arm, “I wasn’t drunk!”
“No darling, but I’ve seen the way you look at him when you don’t think anyone is watching.”
You close your eyes in embarrassment but take the safe route,
“He started blurting out all the little things he’s noticed about me and why they’re on his list.”
“Good!" he exclaims as he slaps the table with glee.
"And I’ll give you a pass on the sexy details; I have my own boy toy.”
You just shake your head at him as he winks. “So, has he asked you out yet?”
You look down,
“Crap, he wanted lunch didn’t he? I should have known.”
“Nah, we’re good. He says he’s taking me to dinner.”
“Well then darling what are we sitting here for? Let’s go raid Jak’s closet!”
*pinches Moonie's cheeks* Let's go raid that closet and look for something sexy that will make his eyeballs fall out of their sockets!! hehe! 😊😊
Yay, a date with a hunky, not too grumpy, boy! Woohoo!
Girl wanna have fun!!.. lol.. looking foward for tonite!!
I'll wear sexy lingerie underneath my clothes and give him a show after dinner