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- Hoseok's point of view - She surprises me. This week has taught me things I never knew about her. I wonder how much else I miss because I can't do things with her. I didn't know she couldn't swim. I didn't know she liked video games. I didn't know she krumped. Apparently she likes to cook. Maybe I don't ask enough about her. These are such random things though right? Well, not really. Do I talk about myself too much? I don't think so. I'll just ask more questions about her from now on. Considering all we can do is talk I don't understand why I don't know these things. She always asks me things. I guess she never does talk much about herself. That's not fair. I wonder if that makes her feel bad, like I don't care enough to ask. I was a little embarrassed when I didn't even know what style she danced or how talented she was. I'm a dancer and her boyfriend, why wouldn't I know that? I never bothered to ask. I've just been content knowing the little bit that I know. I guess because the things I do know are big things, that I just thought I knew a lot about her. I don't know many little things though. "You're good at building sandcastles. You really get into it." She giggles. "Yeah. Like I said, I couldn't swim so I spent a lot of time on the beach playing in the sand. My mom would take me on play dates with her friend's kids and I'd be stuck on land most the time. I became pretty well-versed in the art of sandcastle building. How much water you need for the perfect consistency, how tall you can go before it collapses, proportions for stability, and making them aesthetically pleasing. However, this sand is a bit softer and finer than what I'm used to, but the general principles still apply." I stop and look at her. Who knows this much about sand? "Don't look at me like I'm some kind of sand geek! It may not be useful information, but it makes this more fun. I guess I kind of turned it into a science." I laugh. "I feel like I'm going to ruin these or something. I'm too inexperienced in this compared to you. It's almost more fun to watch you." "You have to help! It's more fun that way!" "Even if I'm responsible for one falling apart?" "Then I'll show you how to fix it." She smiles. I go back to helping her. "You love such simple things." "Are you saying I'm dumb or something?" "No! You just didn't lose that childlike ability to have fun doing simple things." "Makes it easier to play with kids. I've baby sat a lot so I managed to keep liking things like this. I could just send kids to play by themselves, but I prefer to actually keep them company. A lot of the parents don't spend time with them much cause of their work so I go out of my way to give them positive attention." "That explains why you're so great with kids." "Yep. I've been babysitting since I was twelve." "Isn't that a little young?" "I was mature enough that parents trusted me." "When did you stop being mature?" She shoves me a little and I knock down some of my castle. "Look what you did!" She laughs. "Your fault for being mean." "I worked so hard on that." "I'll help you fix it." She reaches over, but I smack her hand away. "No. Just tell me what to do and I'll do it myself." "Don't be so grumpy." She talks me through how to fix it. It takes about ten minutes. I guess I'm a bit slow at this. I stop and look at her for approval. "Is it good?" "What do you think? Are you proud of it? Do you like it?" I smile. "Yeah. I like it." "Then good job. It's fun, huh?" "It is." She pats my head. "That's what matters. It doesn't have to be perfect. You just have to have fun and be proud of it." "Why do I feel like you're treating me like I'm one of the kids you baby sit?" "Sorry. I didn't mean to. I got a little caught up. I've never done this with another adult so I somehow ended up forgetting that you weren't a kid." "That's a little depressing." There's a pause in conversation, then she turns my face toward her. She gives me a seductive look and talks softly. "Should I remind you that you're an adult later?" Pretty sure my heart just skipped a beat. "Yes." She keeps that same attitude as she runs her fingertip along my jaw. She tilts my chin up a little. "No one can hear us and no one cares enough to watch. Ask me nicely. A little more childish. Just for my own enjoyment." "Please?" She runs her thumb across my bottom lip. "Not quite there yet. Lay it on thick. Don't forget to pout; and not play pouting, I mean actual pouting." She drops her hand as she patiently waits. How can she put such a spell on me that I'm willing to do this? I tug and hold onto the bottom of her shirt. I tilt my head, give her puppy dog eyes, and pout my lips a little. "Pwetty pwease wiff sugar on top? I'd weawy wike dat. I wanna be gwown up." She smiles that sexy, evil smirk she has. She leans in and gives me a short, but breathtaking kiss. She lingers by my lips for a moment. "Of course. How can I deny such a sweet and innocent request?" She backs off and goes back to her sand castle. She's done, she acts like it never happened. She's over there playing in the sand again after just getting me hot. How can she do such seductive things and then move on so easily? She turns it on and off so flawlessly. Why does she like things like that? Why did I do something like that? I could have said no, but I didn't. I think I got way too into it. I actually got a little hard from that. She doesn't look up. "You okay over there?" "Yeah, just fine." She clears her throat. "Just distract yourself, kay? Build your castle." That's so embarrassing that she knows. She reads me almost too well. I'm getting tired of her knowing how to turn me on in ways I don't expect. Well, not really. I love it, but why here of all places? "Don't be embarrassed. I did it because I figured you'd like it. I'm not really surprised, so don't worry about it." After a few moments she stops what she's doing, looks down, and sighs. She talks quietly. "Sorry I'm cruel. I don't entirely know why I like doing things like that to you. I've never been like that before. Making you scream my name, wanting to be in charge, doing whatever the hell that just was; until now I never would have liked doing those things. I'm sorry, I shouldn't make you do that." Such a poor setting for a conversation like this, but we're far away enough that no one can actually hear us. I grab her hand. "You know, I like when you take control. Not every time, but I definitely enjoy it when you do. When you tease me like you just did, I could have said no and ended it there. I didn't though, so you don't make me do things. I let myself do those things because I'm comfortable with you. I'm secure enough that I know you're not going to judge me or something. It freaks me out a little that I like these things, but I do. So what I'm saying is, don't feel like you can't or shouldn't do them." "I'm glad that you like it. I'd feel so bad if I had been making you uncomfortable by forcing these things on you." "You're not forcing me. Believe me, I'd tell you if I didn't like something." "Good. I would hope so." There's a pause and she laughs. "We're weird. Like really fucking weird." I laugh. "Yes we are. But our weird works well together." "I think we don't know what we like because we've never been with someone long enough to feel comfortable with experimenting a little. We've never had the chance to find out the unique things that turn us on." "Probably. Lucky us that we manage to like the same things." She laughs. "It's convenient for sure. Anyway..." She slams her hand down on my sandcastle. She pushes the sand around until it's completely flattened out. "Why'd you do that! I just fixed it!" "Knock mine down." "But it looks nice." "It's fun." I do the same thing she did and flatten it out. I laugh. "That was a little fun." She looks around. "She's still here. I'm going to go give that girl her bucket back." "Okay." I watch her as she goes to bring it back. I have to remember what we do as best I can since I won't see her again for another year. She walks up and the girl grabs her hand and pulls her over to this little hill she's making. Boram kneels down and talks to the her. Most adults just fake praise. They just say good job with a forced smile. They just feign interest. At least, they do if it's not their own child or family. Boram, on the other hand, she genuinely looks interested in what she's being told. Her smile is real and she's listening intently. She's a beautiful person. After a couple minutes she pats the little girl on the head and gets up. The mother talks to her for a few moments. Afterwards, she walks back over, still grinning. She sits on the blanket. "She sure can talk. She kept going on about that hill she made. It was adorable. I think she'd have kept going if I hadn't said I had to go." "She sure took a liking to you." "No kidding. I swear her mother was ready to hire me as a nanny." "Why's that?" "Like I said, she doesn't share. Apparently she's not much for talking either. Here she is grabbing my hand and wanting my attention. Her mother was, not quite shocked, but definitely surprised. I think my looks put her off at first, but once she saw how nice I was with her daughter she changed her mind." She laughs. "She asked if I had any kids, because I was so good with Jina. That's always nice to hear." "Jina?" "That's the girl's name. I asked her what it was before I walked away so I could thank her properly." "You're amazing." "Not really. I just love kids. They're about the only people I can easily talk with because I don't have to worry too much." "Kids can be harder to talk with than adults. They're not exactly the most understanding." "You just need to talk a certain way. People don't think kids can comprehend much, especially when they're young. I've rarely been one to use baby talk no matter their age, even infants. I talk soft and sweetly, but I still use real words. Three to five year olds understand a lot more than people realize." Our kids would be so smart with a mom like her. "You know so much about children." "Quit thinking that." I laugh. "Thinking what?" "About us having babies. I told you to stop thinking about it." "I wasn't." "Yeah, right." "Didn't you say I'd be a great dad? Obviously you've thought about it too." Her cheeks turn so red. "Well, only because you brought it up." I lie back on the blanket. "Why would I be a great dad?" She lies down on her stomach next to me. "You're extremely compassionate. You're capacity for love is immense. You'd probably be the one that'd spoil them and I'd be the one who'd have to be a little strict. You'd be so supportive of them. Definitely a great dad." "I feel like you've thought about this a lot more than just the two minutes earlier." She turns her head to face the other direction. "Maybe." "Then you must have thought about whether I'd be a good husband." She sighs. "Would I be good or bad?" "Very good." I can't help but grin. "Not just good, but very good. Why?" She groans a little. "Like I said, you're compassionate, loving, and supportive. You treat me better than anyone else could. You're faithful. You're sensitive and more emotional than I am, so you balance us out. We have a good chemistry and our personalities compliment each other. We never fight, and I don't see us fighting a lot in the future. You make me laugh. You let me get away with things, but you still call me a brat. You make me stop tearing myself down. You've made me feel better than I have in many years. You're proud of me. You want people to see us and know that I'm yours. You're perfect. I've told you before that you're like a prince from a fairytale and every day it becomes more true." I can't believe how much she can just rattle off like that. She really has thought about that a lot. Why would she pretend she hasn't? "I didn't know you had thought so much about us getting married." She faces me. "Well yeah. I just feel silly admitting it. I take it you never thought about it?" I feel bad that she's thought so much about this and I've barely thought about her moving here. Maybe I'm not as invested in this as I thought I was. I make it sound like I'm putting way more into this than she is, but that's hardly true. Her visiting me in another country and willingness to move here shows she's completely thrown herself into this. "Not really. I guess I never thought that far into the future. Sorry." For a split second I see her disappointment, but she quickly replaces it with a smile. One that most people would believe, but I know it's forced. "Don't be sorry. It's not your fault I think so far into the future. It's fine." "I know it's not, but we can talk about that later. Let's just enjoy our day, right?" She smiles a little more genuinely. "Right." ... We stayed long enough to watch the sunset. We'd come later in the day so it wasn't too long a wait. I put my arm around her waist and pull her closer. "You really are brave today with all this physical contact." She sighs. "Everyone is going to hate me for doing this to you." "Doing what?" "Changing you. Making you just a little too liberal." "What's wrong with that?" "Because most of that liberal attitude was based on showing public displays of affection. I pretty much made you look like a slut by Korean standards. Well, even by American standards that kiss you initiated earlier was a bit long." "I guess you're right. Sorry. I hope people don't hate you." "It's not so much random people I'm worried about hating me. It's the guys and your company. I don't want them to tell you to break up with me because I'm seriously affecting your image." I sigh. "I didn't think of that. Well, I stand by my thoughts on that. I'm a person first, celebrity second. I'm more than old enough to kiss a girl in public. I'm an adult and just because some fans forget that fact, doesn't mean I'm not." "Very true. Maybe it'll be okay for you to look a bit adult." She starts laughing hard. "You'll be the bad boy." "What's so funny about that! I could be a bad boy!" "No you couldn't! You're too adorable and sweet to be a bad boy. I guess maybe to them you'll be a bad boy, but to me you'll be a sweetheart; my affectionate boyfriend. Don't get me wrong you're still very sexy, just not a bad boy." "I guess that's okay then." "You keep looking at me and you'll miss the sun setting. It's almost all the way down." "That's okay. I can see a sunset any day. I'd rather look at you. You're far more captivating, a true natural beauty." "Sweet talker." "I'm not a sweet talker. You know I mean it, and you know it's true. You know you're beautiful." "You say it so often that I'm bound to start believing it." "You should believe it because everyone else who sees you knows it; so you should know it too." "You're too much." "You always say I'm too much. What am I too much of?" "You're too poetic with how you say such sweet things. You know how to get to me. You're just too much. You overwhelm my heart." The sun finally goes down. "Is there anyone around?" "No, everyone left. Why?" I turn her face towards me. "Remember? You were going to remind me that I'm an adult." "You're sure this is a good time?" "It's the perfect time." I pull her into kiss. They start sweet, but they get deep. She turns to face me more and I pull her leg over me so she's straddling my lap. She drapes her arms around my neck. I run my hand up and down her thigh. I put my hands on her hips and pull her closer.
She sinks deeper into the kisses. I know why. I move her hips back and forth, rubbing her against me. She moans a little during a kiss. She really does love feeling me get hard. She keeps grinding on me as I unzip her sweatshirt. She quivers as I brush my fingertips up the side of her body. Her skin is so soft and she's getting hot. I grasp her breast and she takes a quick breath. The more I run my hands over her body, the more aggressive she gets. She's letting out small moans now and then. I never thought she'd be so into getting felt up in public. I didn't think she'd be willing to go this far. I didn't think I'd be willing to go this far either. I know no one's around, but it's in public nonetheless. I regret this. I really regret doing this. We're going to have to stop, but I don't want to. We can't have sex here, I know that. Still, this is going to be hard to end. I talk between kisses. "Should we stop?" "No." "We're going to have to." "Why?" "We can't do that here." She whines a little. "I know." "You really want to, don't you?" "Yeah. You?" "Hell yeah." "But we shouldn't." "But we could." "But we shouldn't." "Right." We're breathing heavy and she's letting out the smallest whines. She's absolutely tortured that we can't go any further. So am I though. Every extra minute is just going to make it more disappointing when we have to stop. "Boram." "Yeah?" She sounds so breathy. God it's sexy. "Fuck me." "We can't." "Can I change your mind?" Her voice gets a little whiny. "I don't know." "It'll be quick." "No we can't." "We can." "Hoseok." "It'll be fun." "You're killing me." "It's risky, but it'll be exciting." She moans a little. "I know." She's considering it. "You don't want to stop." "I don't." "Then let's keep going." "Well-" "Give in." "Hos-" "You want it. Stop fighting it." "But-" "Just put a towel around your waist. Will that work?" "It could." I smirk. "Then do it. Otherwise tell me no right now. If you say no, we'll stop." She gets up and does exactly what I suggested. When she's back on my lap I pull it out and she lowers herself down, sliding me into her. She moans a little and puts her arms back around my neck. I can't believe her. "You're so bad." "I know." "Do you like being bad?" "I do." "It feels good doesn't it?" "So good." "You're welcome." "Thank you." She keeps going and it feels amazing. Doing this here just makes it easier to cum faster. It's so damn exciting. She's moaning, she's keeping it quiet though. "You're doing perfect." She nods. "Do you want me to cum?" "Little longer?" "Then stop." She stops and I kiss for a few moments. "Okay. I'm not going to be able to go much longer though." "I know." She keeps going and she's loving it. She's breathing heavy and she's digging her nails into my back. She's so sexual I can't look away. She's trying to get there, but I feel like I'm going to bust. I cover my mouth to keep from making noise. She notices and actually glares at me. She grabs my wrist and digs her nails in. "Don't you dare cover your mouth. Don't bite your lip. I want to hear you. I want to hear how good it is." "So fucking good." "Talk dirty." How? She's never asked for that, I don't know what to say. I can barely think that hard. Things keep getting more intense every time we have sex. "Did you hear what I said?" She's so demanding, it's sexy. I guess thinking is making me last a little longer. "Are you deaf?" "No." "Then do what I said." Assertive and aggressive, I love her. Just say whatever comes to mind. "You're so wet." "I am." "Your pussy is so tight." "Yeah?" "Yeah. You ride my cock so damn good." "I do." "I want to cum in your mouth." "Do you?" I nod. "And I want to watch you swallow it all like a good girl." "You let me get off and I'll do it. I'll give you a nice reward for letting me fuck you. You deserve it for this cock." I gotta hold out for that. "You're dirty." "I'm almost there." "So nasty." "Yes." "You're fucking filthy and I love it." She moans. "You fuck me like it's what you were born to do." She whimpers. She's shaking. I pull her hair. "More." I gently bite her shoulder. "Harder." I sink my teeth in. "Yes!" I lick her neck and give her a small, but hard bite. She moans loud and leans into me a little. She's breathing heavy and quietly whimpering occasionally. "Don't forget my reward." She gives me a hard, deep kiss. She can barely get the words out. "Wouldn't dream of it babe." She gets down and starts sucking me off. I've been seriously missing out. "Fuck, you can take it deep." I put my hand on her head and make her go the right speed. "You're so obedient." Oh shit, that tongue. She's killing me. "I'm gonna cum. Bitch, you better fucking swallow." I moan and my body twitches a little. I watch as she takes it all and swallows. God damn, why is she so sexy? "Good girl. You did so well. I'm proud of you." She sits up. "Better be. I worked hard for you tonight." I pull my pants up. "Yes you did."
She gets up and starts putting her shorts back on. "Are your legs shaking?" "Kind of." "Wow. Why don't you sit down for a minute." "Just a minute then we need to leave. We should have left a while ago. You're a terrible influence." "I am, aren't I?" "I don't even know how you can get off anymore with how much sex we've been having. I mean we did before we even came here." "Because it's been a year. I'm sure I'd be able to do it every hour with how much want I have stored up. I've wanted you for a year and I finally get to have you. You better believe I can do this several times a day." "I don't know how you can be alive." "It's only been four days." "And we've done it many times. I'm just surprised by your stamina to get through life right now." "Very true." "Ready to leave?" "Round two?" "Fuck you." I laugh. "Alright, you better make good on that when we get back to the hotel." She sighs. "You're an absolute idiot." I stand up. "Maybe so, but I-" She spanks me hard. "Damn!" She's shaking her hand. "Ow, ow, ow." "That hurt really bad!" She holds out her hand. "You're telling me." "I thought you weren't going to hit hard?" "I figured it'd only be fair for me to get a really good one since you got one." "Hurry up and pack up your stuff." She starts putting stuff away. "You're such a baby." "I'm okay with that." She laughs a little. "Me, too. I wouldn't want you any other way."
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Sex on the beach??? Sounds kind of hott actually, I know I'm dirty😂😂
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Bruh! The feels at the smut part though .. 😂😂😂
whoah...... is it hot in here or ... XD dirty little love birds hehe
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