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*sigh* What happened to us Suga?
Oh, well. I guess the past is the past and we can try a fresh start with each other.
Awww, Tae ♡ *whispers* Don't tell Suga!
Aww, I'm flattered, but I'm with Suga.... again.
Oh. *ahem* Well. I guess I know why Suga and I broke up before... He seduced me with those insane dance skills... I swear it'll never happen again.... *blindfolds self to avoid temptation*
Wow. So much hate behind such a sweet smile. Honestly Jin, I'm not sure what to say here...
Again, wow. Who knew sweet little Kookie had so much violence hidden in him. Starting to feel like maybe I should watch my back...
I can understand the hard feelings, but don't worry Hobi, you will always be our baby's daddy. There's no need to fight.
Really Jimin? You had nothing better to do than help Suga kidnap me? Did he tell you we are back together? Please don't look at me like that and for heaven's sake stop biting that lip!!!!... Can I get my blindfold back please?? *chants to self* I will not give into temptation, I will not give in to temptation
Seriously Suga, you are a very complex and confusing man. What was the point of kidnapping and then rescuing me? Is this where I'm supposed to say "my hero!!" and throw myself into your arms?? Fair enough, that is not a problem :)
I'm glad to see we were able to work things out! But Suga love, I think it's best we avoid the BTS dorms for a while - your friends are kinda crazy....
@resavalencia for realz XD
@BabySheep right? I'm lucky I didn't get whiplash! 😜
lol suga was all over the place with his feelings
I did this one but here are my results ex:jimin boyfriend:rapmon first kiss: Jin crush on me:v one that made me prego: rapmon The one hate hates me cuz I love his buff: hope The one to kill me cuz I no lobe him back: Jin (you very no fun him) The one that fight for me: Jin The one who kidnap me with my ex: v The one who saves me: Jin(of course he would I'm princess peach and he is my Mario) The one marrying me: Jin wow ㅇ.o
Oh my God, yours turned out so funny XD
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