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no, I'm on the cusp of Aries and Pisces but I have more of the Aries side. I'm a rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, and my blood type is A. but everyone else I know is a virgo. My ex, my mom, my sister, my pen pals in korea, etc. So I really get along with them but dating a virgo didn't work out so well. I just couldn't connect. Now I'm not dating at all unless I really, REALLY like them. @moonchild03 lol
@moonchild03 sorry, I'm born further on the Aries side but my personality matches the Pisces more so.
@KDluvR1999 oh okay Lol I was born September 3 my birthday is right after kookies :) I think it depends on when you were born in the month too. I dated a Pisces once and we had a connection but he was bipolar so it didn't work out Lol
@moonchild03 my ex was born on September 2 and my sisters birthday is on the 9th. I also do believe it might have something with the year and also with the blood type. cuz I'm mostly Aries and hardly have any of the Aries personality. It matches a little bit of the Pisces though, most of it from my Chinese zodiac, and the rest from the blood type. plus my Chinese zodiac says I would not be able to date anyone born 1 year older or younger and not 2 either without having to put a lot of effort in it, so I think that pretty much explains my entire dating life so far. I would get along amazingly with a pig though, TaeTae and ChimChim.
Lol I'm an ox in Chinese zodiac. I would probably get along well with kookie, jimin ,and yoongi the most :) @KDluvR1999