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You don't know how many cards your tagged in until your away for almost a week goodness I have a lot of go through ^_^. I am almost all better but now I have a kidney infection >.< but I will start posting and being more active once again. I won't post on the days for each member until Monday I'm sorry for being gone for so long! I have missed so much!
This boy! Ugh! ♡_♡
Ikon kill me that's all there is too it
The 97 line plus Yunhyeong
Jinhwan please stop!!! Ugh!
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Welcome back, welcome back,🎼🎼🎤
2 years ago·Reply
same I had been gone for like 3 days and it was up to 150 already
2 years ago·Reply
@LinnyOk 💗💗
2 years ago·Reply
@Dabaesaplayer But when you on here everyday it doesn't seem like that many
2 years ago·Reply