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There are a lot of mixed emotions on whether a player should or should not celebrate after a big play in baseball.
Finally, a high ranking MLB executive has given his opinion on the matter. Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred says this generation of players will make its own unwritten rules on what emotion is acceptable to show on the field.
"I think it's a good thing. I think that to the extent that you're trying to market to a younger audience, our younger players taking control of the definition of those unwritten rules is a lot better than some guy who's 67 years saying I did it that way and you ought do it the same way," said Manfred.
Personally, I think the pure excitement and passion for the game should be embraced in baseball. If a guy makes a big catch, why can't he celebrate a little? If a guy rips a huge homer, why can't he bask in the moment of the big play?
These guys work hard, let them live a little.

What do you think? Are celebrations good for the game?

Well if everyone can participate in the celebrations, I don't see a problem in celebrations.
@DucktheFodgers But how can it not be disrespectful if you're celebrating your own success against an opponent?
Yes. As long as it's not too disrespectful, I think baseball def needs to be more exciting