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I dont know a dad who almost strikes there child they can barley remember having with a sword ... On the bright side he is a better father now BUT at first well this happened lol - ( Manga ) - (Naruto and the scarlet spring )
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@IvanDiaz dude that was so dope I have such high hopes for sarada. I want her so badly to become hokage and I know she will do it too
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@NikolasSatterwh You and me both she honestly has so much potential ! She's my favorite off the new generation along with asumas child with kuranie sensei " sorry if I spelled those wrong " we don't much but I have high hopes for there child
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@IvanDiaz my favorites are shikadai and sarada and I'm hoping we see a lot more of them
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@NikolasSatterwh Can I tag you in a post really quick I want your opinion on something
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@IvanDiaz go for it dude
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