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Hey Nakama!
I play a lot of video games. Well, maybe a moderate amount now that I'm sort of an adult and have some responsibilities and suchlike. Still, I play video games more or less every day in some shape or form.
First person shooters, platformers, fighters, MOBA, I play lots of different kinds of games. I also watch/read a bunch of anime/manga. Sometimes these two universe collide with one another. Mostly they don't.
The times that they do collide, it's almost always as a fighting game. DBZ Budokai, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm, One Piece Burning Blood, J-Stars Victory VS, the list goes on and on. I like these kinds of games, though I sometimes get bored with repeated fighters after fighters.
I know there are games like Persona which are anime as fuuu, but also games in their own right with their own narratives. I personally haven't played any of the Persona title, but I think maybe I should consider it because it's a different kind of anime game, one that isn't just a brawler.

What anime video games do you guys play, if any?

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I have persona 4 arena ultimax but haven't really gotten into it yet cuz I'm usually playing cod or GTA but based off of what I've played so far it looks pretty good
.Hack//G.U. for ps2, Pokemon Yellow and Crystal version for Gameboy Color. Can't remember if I have all 3 of the .Hack games or not. It's been a while since I played
ninja storm 4
j-star victory VS+
any I can get my hands on