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Toph and Lin Bei Fong KICK BUTT

It's basically an irrefutable scientific fact.

Avatar's been off the air for a while, but I'm still not over it. All of the characters were incredible and well written, and I'm super attached to ALL OF THEM. But especially Toph and Lin. They're the kind of awesome I aspire to be. Who else is feeling the inspiration right now? (Vid by AbsoluteDestiny).
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I never did finish the legend of korra
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The interactions between Lin and her mother are hilarious.
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wat I'm still fond of nd still thinking about how did toph learn to metal bend nd thn in kora how did lil ik toph started it but lik how did metal bending start to become a thing???
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@RONRON21 It was her stubbornness and out of necessity.
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