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So we all know that idols dye their hair but do any of you dye your hair too? I love cool hair colors whether it's on me or others.
Some of my favorite idols colored hair 😊❀️ There's a ton more but honestly I can't remember πŸ˜‚ (they're all good anyways so)
Some pictures of me with colored hair! I don't have a lot of variety on my phone though. My mom is a professional hair stylist so I get my hair done for free -that's probably why I dye my hair so much lol. I've had just about every color on my head.
My current hair color πŸ‘
This card is dedicated to @kpopandkimchi and to anyone else who is trying to decide if they should color their hair. I say do it if you want to! It's not permanent and if it makes you feel good you go girl. If you have any questions as well feel free to ask πŸ‘
ive had blue, purple, teal, black, brown, and blonde hair lol im naturally blonde and right now i have peach colored ends.
Oo nice ! @kaitlynHewitt