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I guess I'm just in a bizarre state of shock over the passing of living music (and style) legend, Prince!
I'm not even sure what to say or how to respond to this sad news.
So, I wanted to share a quote with you today.
Life, in all it's ups and downs can be dignified with joy or retaliated against with woe. Today, despite sadness, I choose to celebrate Prince's awesome creative giftedness.
Be blessed Vinglers!
I like that you are celebrating it. Death is something that we should celebrate and not be sad or scared of. Of course I'll miss Prince bc of all the joy he gave us, but I would like to believe that he's in a better place
thanks for sharing @gossamokewen95 💜
I'm literally heartbroken I grew up on him, he was an inspirational human being musically and in general. What makes me sad the most is I won't ever be able to see him in concert...Prince you are a legend we will never forget you for u are playing the great gig in the sky while we bathe in purple rain....R.I.P