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Update on me!
Hello guys! I haven't been posting recently but I have been actively checking all of your cards! First off huge thanks to all of you who wished me luck on my ACT! I got my results back and I had a composite score of 24! Also I am starting to write a scenario so I'll be sure to keep your eyes open for that! Anyways I love all of you! Take care and be safe! @AaliyahNewbell, @Adetoro, @aliendestina, @Allyson3333 @AmbieB, @amobigbang, @AnnaArai, @ARMYStarlight, @BBxGD, @CeilidhHoadley, @Hayatonamjoon, @JasmineMartinez, @jessicaacosta90, @KaitlynHewitt, @KatelynSummerso, @KpopBeat, @kpopandkimchi, @Kyashi, @Lexxcisco, @MadAndrea, @MellisaGarza, @MichelleIbarra, @NaughTae, @pandakpotaku, @PrettieeEmm, @PrincessUnicorn, @reyestiny93, @ReynadeKpop, @RihannaTiaMay, @resavalencia, @Sailynn, @Sammie99522 @sarahdarwish, @SarahVanDorn, @StefaniTre, @TaehyungV, @UnniCakesAli, @VatcheeAfandi99, @xroyalreisx, @MonAnnahiX
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YAY! NICE! I hated taking the ACT but now you are done with it!! WOOOO! *throws a party* 馃帄馃帀馃帀馃帀
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Omo congrats!!! You did good heh!!!!
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Yay! Congratulations!! 馃榿
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@MonAnnahiX Thank you!
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