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Introduction: One drink after another. One touch led to more touches. One kiss led to moans. And all senses went numb, but the need and the desire of one another was the only thing in their head.
Pounding music that can vibrate through your body, smell of sweat and mixtures of different kind of alcohol. Yells, laughter and everything else can either be heard a bit or can't from the booming speakers. This was the life Jackson loved, feeling the energy that the music gives him, being carefree, getting thrills and excitement. Jackson is known for being a billionaire, the one with foreign cars like a Porsche 911, a black Lamborghini and a Ferrari ( sorry Taehyung but I just love those cars) yes Jackson could have anything except for a particular person. The one that Jackson can never leave his eye sight, and wanted the most.
~Jackson POV~
I've been sitting down, up on the balcony for an hour by now. I just can't stop staring at him. I can't believe he finally here, after all those other parties I did, he finally comes. The need to just hold him hits me hard and I can't help the urge to touch him again. Oh how I miss just being with him. My throat goes dry, and the soothing liquid helps a lot, I lick my lips tasting the sweet liquor and spike it gives off. I'm about to take another sip until I see someone getting close to mark. I watch and see them both talking and the guy putting his arm around mark's waist, and whisper in his ear.
I didn't notice the tight grip I had on my cup, only way that the guy had his arm on mark's waist, and the other holding his chin. I didn't care when I felt my hand sting from the broken glass that once had my drink in, or by instinct I went down the stairs, and shoved people away from my path. I didn't care of people cursing me out, the only thing that had my attention was the way that guy was with mark, I didn't like it one bit.
I didn't care when I noticed my friend youngjae..... no, more like my nemesis, when we used to be friends he knew I liked mark and he took him away from me and on top of that told him lies about me, he made him hate me. As I came closer to him I punched him with such force that he fell down on the floor pushing a chair that was behind him.
"What the hell was that for!" youngjae yelled wiping the blood off of his now busted lip.
"Get the fuck out of my motha fucking house! I didn't invite your ass here!" I yelled at him.
~Narrators POV~
Youngjae was about to punch Jackson when Namjoon grabbed his fist. "Hey he said you weren't invited so get your ass out of here!" he said in a warning like tone. Youngjae just glared at Jackson as he left the party. "Thanks" Jackson said to namjoon. "Yea no problem, were here to have a fun time not a fighting time" namjoon said patting Jackson on the back, by that time Jackson saw Jin coming up to them, panting a bit. " Baby don't run away like that! You got me worried! Are you okay? He didn't hit you right?" Jin asked examing namjoon's face. "Babe it's alright nothing happened" he said reassuring Jin that he was alright. "Ya! What happened!?" everyone from BTS asked. "Nothing happened it's okay." Namjoon told them. " Alright" yoogni said dragging jimin back to whatever they were doing. "Okay if you say so" everyone said while going back where there were recently at. "Hey be careful ight" namjoon finally said leaving with Jin's head on his shoulder and his arm around jin's waist.
Jackson turned around seeing mark's shocked face. "Umm sorry about that" Jackson said scratching the back of his head. " Umm it's fine he was getting a bit annoying anyways" mark said biting his lip looking down. After that both of them just stood there awkwardly. Jackson turned to his right ordering his friend/bartender for a drink, when he got his drink he took a sip while mark did the same. Jackson couldn't stand the awkwardness so he just said what came to his head.
"Sooo you finally came to my party" Jackson said.
"Yea I had nothing better to do so I came here" mark said with a bit of attitude in his voice.
"Well I just asking a question no need to get an attitude" Jackson defensively said with his hands up as surrender.
~sigh~ "Why are you so childish Jackson?" mark asked him.
"What?! I'm just saying!" Jackson said taking a sip of his drink.
****** An Hour Later ******* (says it in the voice as the one in SpongeBob)
That sip of drink led to more gulps of alcohol. Also mark joining Jackson with 5 separate tequila shots. By now they were both tipsy , scratch that their both drunk, and people were already leaving well not after passing by Jackson saying how awesome the party was. Everyone left leaving the place a mess but Jackson didn't care for he was tipsy.
So I know I'm such a horrible person for just leaving you like that, but I just wanted to know if you liked the fanfic. Oh and if you do like it I would also be having other ideas for it. I'm also doing a VKooK fanfic too!
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