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Fashion: Homage to Prince
As the world mourns for iconic musician and style icon, the late Prince, I wanted to pay homage to his legacy and genius by putting together this moodboard. Whether you're a fashionista, a beauty maven or a sucker for fabulous accessories, find your inner Prince and tell me which of these things you would rock!
Leather jacket
$ 2,745
ENCHANTÉ Creme Lipstick
Kashmir Sapphire by Verdura
Priced Upon Request
Heaven Tempest Orchid satin and suede sandals
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Love the look!!! Great tribute card!!! I love the lipstick!! I think with the purple eye pencil, it may be a bit much!! If I wear a bold lip color, I tend to keep other things a bit neutral!!!
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Absolutely awesome!! I love the different shades of purple and that jacket is so cool!
2 years ago·Reply
Thank you so much !!!!! @SarahReguslki I love the jacket too. @MyAffairWith It is DEFINITELY a lot of purple--hehehe
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@marshalledgar purple is a fun color :) you can't go wrong with it and says a lot too just like pink, black and red
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