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In my experience, it's really hard to get over a break up. It's like it happens in phases. First you're kind of happy. After that, it sucks for a while, you think that you shouldn't have broken up with that person. Then you see them happy with someone else and it just gets worse. But finally, you start leaving your bed and things start happening for you.
And that's what the song Dirty Ickes by Sorority Noise captures so well. They're simple lyrics but they're meaningful and honest. And any time I hear the opening of the song I feel a burst of happiness because I know I've finally hit that last stage of getting over a break up.
So, if you will, chant the lyrics with me through the magic of the Internet.

Notable Lyrics:

When we broke up you told me to try and find myself, so I found myself in someone else's bed. You could call me a fool, but I've had four girlfriends since and I've learned to love myself more than I could ever love you.