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Me and my friend are gonna be at the Dallas concert (with my mom unfortunately but hey) and would love to meet some friends!! Come say hi!!!
Ahh!! @JaxomB Me and my friend are already saving our money! We're aiming to buy the 215 ones so that we can get the photo with them! Hope you can come!!
@JaxomB My mom hates kpop and B.A.P is one of her least favorite that's the only reason but it was an amazing concert over all!
@Kitty17 We are hoping to go to Got7 in July.
@JaxomB Honestly your awesome! Your daughters a really lucky girl! I hope she gets to meet her favorites and go to lots of concerts with you!!
I'm glad you got to go @Kitty17. My daughter is a 2nd gen Kpop and anime girl, so it's something we do share. We have different favorite groups and bias's though. For B.A.P. , her bias is Zelo....and I'd have to say mine in Youngjae (though that could change). I only truly 'fangirl' over 2 idols though....It would be creepy to fangirl over the others...way too young. I look at most of them more as a potential date for my daughter or like a son.
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