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Kinobody SuperHero Bulking Day 11 - Intermittent Fasting Muscle Building Program More than halfway through week 2 and time flies when you're having fun. Getting to eat in a surplus is such a blessing for me. 2600 calories isn't really that much for me and I get to stuff my face with tons of food. Today I might go out to eat at Tender Greens which is a healthy place, all the meats are grass fed and I can taste the quality of the food. I'm just not a fan of the price because I don't get full off 1 meal. I guess I'll be having a calorie filled shake right after. Hope everybody is having a wonderful Thursday! Till next time... Superhero Bulking Program: http://udskambulk.xyz
Oh gosh, I haven't been to Pacific Beach since last summer!!!! I need to get back there! Yeah, I discovered Tender Greens in 2010. Love that place!
@marshalledgar I go to the one in Mission Valley in San Diego. It just opened a couple of months ago.
LOVE LOVE LOVE Tender Greens! Their brussels sprouts are to die for!! Which one do you go to? I prefer the one in Hollywood but the one in Studio City is more convenient for me. @UDskam