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You snap pictures from your hotel room, where you have a view of one of the rivers. You post it to Instragram and just for the heck of it you decide to add a quote.
“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! .. Loving South Korea, it’s been magical so far.”
You put your phone down and head to get ready for bed. After such a long plane ride, your muscles ache and your jet lag is major. You start a bath, head back to grab a book for the tub and your phone. You have an Instagram notification; you smile thinking its probably your girlfriend jealous that you arrived a day before her. After you’ve sunk into the heavenly hot water you pick up your phone to see if you can make her more jealous. As you slide the notification you see:
[HN] has liked your picture, [HN] has commented on your picture. You sit back up, what?
[HN] “For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night. Romeo & Juliet”
You smile and wish Instagram were a little more like Facebook or Vingle where you can like someone’s comment. Your silly grin stays for the remainder of your bath, your book is now totally forgotten as instead you go searching through your photos. Now that you know he's seen them, you wonder what ones would have made his day better. Was it just the normal stress of his life that made him need a smile? After going through your pictures, you start going through his again. Now that you’ve met him, heard his voice in person; his pictures have a whole new meaning to you.
The next day you don’t intend to do much but stick close to the hotel. Your girlfriend’s flight arrives late tonight. You decide to become the cliché and take a picture of your food to put in a collage later. You head out to the street to see what you can within a mile, not wanting to go too far and get lost in an unfamiliar city. You stop at a street vendor for lunch and eat beside the river walk. You people watch, take a million pictures and pretty much just dream your day away. When you arrive back at the hotel you have a message at the front desk.
You take the envelope upstairs with you to open in private. A single sheet of paper is folded inside.
[YN], I would be honored if you would join me at my home for dinner. Please text your response to this number. I will send someone for you. I hope to see you later. [HN]
You add the number into your phone and look at your watch. You have no idea when this was dropped off or what time he is thinking of. Your friend is coming straight to the JW Marriott so you don’t have to worry about picking her up. You send off a quick text;
“This is [YN]. [HN]?”
A response comes back almost immediately.
“[YN], yes this is [HN], you received my note. Are you free to join me?”
“I would love to, thank you. At what time?”
“I will send my manager to pick you up around 5 if that is good?”
“I’ll be ready.”
Yay!!! *dancing shaking booty* Hmmm now what to wear?!!
wa, okay we can play this game... like these are just normal events and occurrences .. this is so Seize the Day mentality
Yay, this is exciting and scary. I mean, wowzers this is surreal. How did I get so lucky?!