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Authentic Ceviche in limaaaaaaa! where I lived for 15 years : )))
@miranpark88 I heard, maybe it's the one that I tried. It wasn't that great but I'm sure that I would have to visit South America to taste the real dish.
I would love to try making this but first, it's so hard to find lime here and I've never tried it before so I'll probably mess it up since I don't know what it's suppose to taste like. lol
@roselee89 welllll i can't say whether that is the real ceviche or nottt caz i heard that there are like a lot of legit places that make it really welll! this dish is known for being super healthy but also beings super low on caloriessss ; )
@PaulLim ceviche is a traditional dish from South America that consists of raw fish being marinated with lime juice, salt and pepperrr it's actually really sour but the fish kills down the sourness and brings the meatiness along with the juicessss!
This looks really good, I wish I could know more about this dish! I actually tried Ceviche in LA, but I wonder if that is the real taste.
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