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My ex is Jin. Yeah, it's complicated, he and I just were not meant to be. I'm over it but he sure isn't!
My boyfriend is Suga. He loves me and I love him and we make a great couple!
My first kiss is J-Hope. I bet that kiss tasted like dust! I get chills when I see this image of him!
My crush is Suga. Ever since we saw eachother in Seoul, I knew that he and I would fall in love someday, but work got in the way and I was still getting over Jin who broke my heart into an infinite amount of pieces. I blocked off all contact with him so he would not bother me anymore and now I feel that if I just kept staring and adoring Suga, he will notice me and start flirting with me and making my heart skip a beat every time he compliments me. I was so in love, all I could think about was him! He's so cute and funny!
The one who made me pregnant is also J-Hope. My v will look exactly like his armpit when I go into labor.
The one who hates me because I love his best friend is Jin. Wow Jin I thought you loved me! Are you just angry about our breakup that you just want to make my life miserable now? Well screw you punk! You're no use for me! At least your best friend and I are doing great! But you don't care do you? Or are you just pissed off that I'm dating him! Whatever! I don't care! I'm done with you!
The one who kills me because I don't love him back is Jin. At least I died a happy life!
The one who gets in a fight with my boyfriend over me is V. Why does he suddenly like me?! I don't even notice him! He's just jealous!
The one who kidnaps me with my ex is Jungkook. So Namjoon told Jungkook to kidnap Jin and I in an old car and he took us to a boat and he rowed that boat out into the sea and threw me and Jin on a deserted island where we had to survive until someone answered our call for help and I told him to fly us back home. I can't believe Jungkook would do this to me and my ex! That bastard!
The one who saves me(my hero) is J-Hope. At last, the father of my baby answers my sos from the island.
My husband is Suga. I knew I would end up with him!!!!!!!!! I would do anything for my sweet hubby!!!!!! I would even die for his love! That's what I feel about him! He's such an awesome spouse!
The one who was watching everything was Namjoon! You just like to spy on everyone right? No wonder you get your inspiration from watching the other members fool around with eachother! I guess that's what makes you a rapper! You are such a monster to me, and to the other members! At least you are still my bias!
The one who planned it all was Jimin! I knew he would do something like this!! That darn guy!
I hope you all enjoyed it! If you see this card, I challenge you to make one of your own! Also please tag me and copy the original card onto yours if you do attempt this challenge like I did. I hope I'm clear on that! Now flee vinglers! Flee!