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Someone get me into BTS

nothing much to say, I just really want to get into them someone helpppp
My suggestion to you: -start with their earler mvs before you get to the HYYH era -start with No More Dream, that was their debut and work from their -watch American Hustle Life if you can find it, itll give you more of a feel of everyone's personality -once you've worked up to HYYH, start with Dope -I Need U, Intro Prolouge, Run, Young Forever (that's the order to watch them in once you get there and know the members. DO NOT WATCH IT UNTIL YOU KNOW THEM ALL!! IM ONLY WARNING YOU!!!) -i also recommend Go!BTS. its a lil mini series they did on the V App, but u should be able to find em on Youtube if u wanna know any and everything about the group please message me☺
American Hustle Life is on YouTube. Definitely worth watching. Welcome to the craziness that is the life of an ARMY. These guys will take their turns destroying you bias list over and over and completely killing you with feels again and again! Enjoy it!!! 😄
@minimanim3 I agree! also watch their gayo tracks and bangtan bombs. you'll fall in love no problem :)))
Pretty much sums it up 👍👍^^^ @minimanim3
@resavalencia thanks I will😂😂😂😂
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