6 years ago10,000+ Views Guys. if u have a heart. Sign this. 'So apparently there’s been a petition going around because of these bitches from @/united_elf. This is their horrible petition and reasons why Only13 lovers should sign it: These bitches don’t support Henry and Zhou Mi as part of Super Junior as a whole, if you get what I mean. 13+2 = super junior ya know… eh you don’t. Well, screw you bitches; I ain’t signing the horrible petition of yours. I’ll head on over here to the nice petition: for those who support Henry and Zhou Mi as members of Super Junior M as part of Super Junior, sign it. It’s not gonna be submitted to SM but it’s just a petition to see how much E.L.F.s support them. I never really get why Only13 lovers despite Henry and Zhou Mi so much that they’re willing to go this far in calling them “GUESTS" of Super Show 5. HELLO?! Did you Only13 lovers hear that the Super Junior members PLANNED the concert out themselves?!!! Or do you not understand? OMG. Of course, i do get why they’re like this in a way because Super Junior had a member addition[Kyuhyun], a member loss[Hangeng,] and a member missing in ACTION [Kibum], so Only13 supporters are protective of the original members including Kyuhyun, of course. But it’s been what? 4? 5? Years since Henry and Zhou Mi were added to Super Junior M and debuted with the original SJ members. GET OVER IT YOU CRYBABY ONLY13 SUPPORTERS! You guys WON your evil BOYCOTTING crap about SM not adding Henry and Zhou Mi to the original SJ group, now you guys want to complain and say Henry and Zhou Mi shouldn’t be part of Super Show 5 or should not have any solos in SS5?! They’re not allowed to sing Super Junior songs?! They should only sing Super Junior M songs, but can’t participate in the rest of cocnert?! E.L.Fs aren’t allowed to support them in official promotions for solo artist[Henry]?! FUCK YOU. Only13 supporters, you guys ARE NOT the QUEEN of the fandom, you are EQUAL to US fans who love Henry and Zhou Mi, and you DO NOT represent OUR fandom, at all, period. If Only13 supporters call yourself an E.L.F., then you should SUPPORT what Super Junior decides to DO with their concerts with Henry & Zhou Mi. It was the BOYS decision, you don’t support it? Don’t even think about calling yourself an E.L.F. Let’s not forget the Super Junior members LOVE both Henry & Zhou Mi. Let’s not also forget what Heechul said, if you’re saying mean things about his friends or members, in this case Henry & Zhou Mi, don’t call yourself a fan of Super Junior. END OF RANT.' - @dorkhyuk on tumblr MY RANT Oh fuck no. Shit just got started here. I didn’t even get to read the rest of your rant cuz I was so pissed. IF ANYONE DARES TELL HENRY AND ZHOU MI 'you can’t sing SJ songs, or participate with the official group" I WILL MAKE SURE THAT THEY SEE NO SUNLIGHT WITH THE SAME FACE Exotics, think of it like someone saying "only EXO- K should exist cuz its k-pop not m-pop" Wouldn't you wanna stab them too? And make absolute sure that they never see sunlight with the same face again? Exactly If SM Dares make a move and change Henry and Zhou mi's place for the worst, I will make sure who ever made that decision faces the wrath of millions of non only13 fans. I will fly to Korea and make sure that decision is over turned Yes I am hot headed. Thank you. But I just love Mochi and Mimi so much. I mean, how much pain does one have to go through, to do what he loves? Sometimes Ii feel so bad I wish that Henry and Zhou mi weren't part of the group cuz of all the pain they go through. It makes me cry. It really does. But then I see that SJ isn’t SJ without any-one of the members missing. Be it Heechul, Leeteuk, Hangeng, Kibum or Yesung You’d want to be on SJ’s good side wouldn't you? Well guess what, to be a true fan u have to accept Henry and Zhou mi and I will laugh in your faces when I see you giving glares at Henry or Zhou mi and then looking at The other members with love, I swear, they will give you glares. Are you an only13 member reading this? I don’t wanna be mean but, you’re not a true ELF if you’re ‘Only 13’ Cuz a true ELF PROT3CTS OUR BOYS NOT HARMS THEM OR HURTS THEM. And that petition. I wanna see it end. NOW. Because 1, its utterly useless, it’s not like suju oppa’s will be like ‘oh you’re rite, I don’t love Henry and Zhou mi because they totally haven’t been with me for like YEARS’ If this actually gets some shit done, and things happen the way I want them to happen, I will cry of happiness and I will laugh in the faces of those who see Suju crying to protect Mochi and Mimi. I will wait for the day Heechul comes back cuz, if he hears about this, expect some scolding from Hee-nim. HEECHUL OPPA. ARMY OF TRUE FANIRLS. LETS GO BITCHSLAP THESE HENRY AND ZHOUMI HATERS Have ANY of you ever thought what Leeteuk, Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Zhou mi, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum, Kyuhyun, Henry and all of their parents, might feel? Has anyone ever been considerate of them? Have you ever thought that it might break everyone’s heart? That this might enrage them? That this might make them cry, not in front of us but in front of one another. Especially Leeteuk, he’s the leader, yet if something happens to Henry and Zhou mi, he’ll feel responsible. I might not know them face to face but I do know that you’re hurting them by splitting them apart. So just stop. Please, if you love suju not because of their super sexiness but because you’re true fan girls who love their idols. Please just accept Henry and Zhou mi, and just move on. Don’t do it for anyone, do it for Super Junior. Think about it, adding them to the group may be controversial but it can also be a benefit to the group and company. Suju would be able to gain more of an audience in Asia resulting in more money for the company. Okay I don’t know shit about business; I just know I want Henry and Zhou mi in the ‘official suju’ Damn this was supposed to be a rant but I got interrupted so many times -.- I wanna see Mimi and Mochi with the rest of the group. Not as sj-m members but as sj members. I’m telling you, Shit Just Got Real. SPREAD THE FUCKING WORD. SPREAD IT NOW. ABSOLUTLY POSITIVLY DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN THE PETITION AT I will fight for what i love. i will not let anyone bash Henry and zhou mi anymore.
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Thank you for this. I've already signed. I love those two so much.^^