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I just finished reading this newest side story released by Kishimoto. I really like that they're doing these side stories, because I don't think I'll ever get enough Naruto in my life.
This side story gives a little background on Mitsuki, Orochimaru's 'son'. When he first showed up in the end of Naruto I (like many other fans) was confused about his parentage. Since Orochimaru is androgynous at best, it's hard to say whether Rochi would be the Mother or the Father.
This comic answers that, kinda. It also shows how Mitsuki came to be on Boruto's team.
It Boruto is the 'sun' then Mitsuki is the 'moon'. It looks like maybe this will be a dichotomy setup for the upcoming Boruto manga that will start on May 9. Who knows? Maybe it'll be another redemption story between friends.
My favorite part of this side story was showing us that Mitsuki has Sage powers. He, like Kabuto, has a distinctly snake-like sage activation, and the power of it look significant, as the ground underneath him cracks and depresses under the weight of his chakra.
His face also becomes much more sinister, and I'm wondering if this sage power will come into play for the Boruto manga. Maybe Naruto will help him control it and train him? Maybe Boruto will learn it from Mitsuki instead of his father? Or maybe Boruto can't do it at all and it'll become a point of contention between him and Mitsuki.
All of this is conjecture until the Boruto manga finally gets going next month, though. We'll just have to stay prepared!
I just read this yesterday. I loved it!
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Where can you read this?
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