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Because every fandom has trash. I have pretty much been with Jin since I heard of BTS and I've got to say he is sooo underrated it makes me irritated that he is just as good if not better. I personally love how Jin oppa looks with blond (though at first I was a bit surprised and dissapointed, but it has grown on me and I want to see it more on him. Reminds me of VIXX's Leo with blond) and it enrages me that after throwing the dart on the color pinwheel that people begin to notice him. That is some FAKE ASS ARMYS without meaing offense but the truth needs to be spoken. He is the one who reaches out to the fans the most OUT OF ALL OF THEM AND THIS IS HOW YOU THANK HIM?! LIKE THIS?! And this is only an opinion, and by no ways did I mean harm and offense, but I wanted to get my point across. You can disagree with me, and I'll be comepletely okay with it.
Agreed! Jin has always been handsome and adorable since day 1! 😊😊
It's really messed up that, that's all it took for people so notice him. He's honestly one of the sweetest person and they couldn't even see that 😞
FOR REAL THOUGH LIKE IT TOOK FOR THIS TO GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE HIM he's always been perfect like seriously ppl why now you notice this beautiful human!?
Exactly!! He makes everything look so good! So when they got picked for that one Chiken ad i knew Jin would be perfect for it (The other members too) But Jin eats so well! 😆 @CreeTheOtaku
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