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I love Jin but when did he become blonde? I may have missed that moment. he's got the prettiest smile I've ever seen though
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FOR REAL THOUGH LIKE IT TOOK FOR THIS TO GET PEOPLE TO NOTICE HIM he's always been perfect like seriously ppl why now you notice this beautiful human!?
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I'm not a Jin Stan but I still recognized him as important and love able, I love them all just a couple are my favorites. But he's sweet and kind and caring and beautiful and perfect and amazing in every way he goes out of his way to make videos of him eating since we find it so adorable. APPRECIATE HIM MORE!!!!!! Sorry about the rant
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Jin in amazing!!! Why'd it take something like this for people to notice him!? I love his smile, and his personality. Do you know how many times I've watch BTS videos and find myself looking for Jin????? His voice in amazing, and so are his dancing skills. Oh, and when I watched his eating video on the V app I fell hard. I never knew that watching someone eat could make you so happy! @KokoroNoTakara I completely agree with you. Every member is important!
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@BrandyBell16 Hehehehe agreed
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