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Meeting your beaus parents is a little more important than you might think. The way you dress says a lot about your character and dressing the part when you first meet your future in laws [maybe someday] plays a pretty huge role. You don't want to give off the impression that you tried too hard, but you also want to make it seem like you put a little effort into your look. Not business casual, but definitely not lounge around the house in pajamas -- netflix and chill attire.
It's easier said than done and for some, it happens to be a breeze depending on the circumstances. If you'll be getting acquainted with a close friend or lovers parents in the near future and want to make the best impression possible, keep scrolling to see some outfit options as told by Glamour below.

What look would you go for when meeting the parents?

jeans, flats. and a cute blouse
for me, it's knee-length skirt or dress or an all-black ensemble
Def a must! @primodiva93
Clean cut, dressy casual
very classy! love it @cindystran
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