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Army's please stop!!!

So recently a lot of people are talking about BTS new song "forever young" Yes we are happy for them and the new song well teaser of the new song! And how the members look. But a lot of people are talking about jin's new hair color. Some positive and some not.
Yes we know that's how you feel but please don't just post that if that's how you feel please keep it to yourself. Even my friends say "I like Jin better with different hair color."
This is also another issue šŸ˜‘ I was watching the teaser in class one time and I showed it to my friend. She said oh now I can tell when Jin is in the group or when he sings. Why just cause Jin dyed his hair different people are now recognizing him?
Yes he does look good but was that all he had to do in order to get people's to recognize him ? I'm not saying that's why he did it but it's just ashamed that now just cause of the new hair color people are loving him?
Anyways enough of that , let's just look at our favorite couple NamJin ! The parents in the group ! Mama and daddy! I just love this picture! BigHit secretly shipping them too lol!
This post I saw touched my heart! That's so cute how they think about the fans too! We will never forget you!! We will keep supporting you!
My friends and I do talk about yes or no on liking new hair and sometimes I REALLY don't like a certain color on someone. But it is an opinion and personal preference. I would NEVER post mean things. It all comes down to, some people are jerks.
I love them regardless and I would never post mean comments but he looks so much better with dark hair..but then that's how I felt about Jacksons hair and now I love it
it's so upsetting how you can't please everyone all at once like really?? when I was first getting into bts one of the first things I noticed was Jin's smile!! it's beautiful just as he is a beautiful person and doesn't deserve the "fans" who call him their bias if all it took was one hair color to change to kookie.. I wasn't ready at all for that blonde hair but nevertheless he is still perfect to me šŸ˜
I love both Jin and Namjoon's hair. Shoot I love all of their hair. I'm not gonna lie, it did shock me that he died his hair blonde but it looks hella good on him. So people need to quit haten.
I'm super excited about the new colors!
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