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Hey yall

I feel like I should make this card because well.. it's serious and I care. As a real A.R.M.Y I would like to share my opinions with you guys. OKAY so I'm pretty sure you all have been hearing about how Jin doesn't get that much love and attention. I feel like he should be more appreciated, more loved, and more cared about. It's okay to have a ultimate bias in BTS but I think you should love ALL of the members equally! I know you know about EatJin right? There's no more of it because some of these "so-called" armys kept asking for other members smh. Like let them shine! Don't ask for other members please. And for those idiots who only think Jin is only good for his looks, let me help you, Not only he is very handsome, but this man has talent too! He can Sing! He can dance better than me lol okay! At least he works hard! Jin is really caring and sweet. I love everything about him :) That's mama Jin we are talking about! With or without the blonde hair i will always love him no matter what. That's how we should feel about all the members. It's terrible when people starts to notice Jin when he has blonde hair now smh like where were you at before? People are sleeping on Jin! wake up because he is an amazing person! It's funny because I'm not even Jin biased, Yoongi is my bias but again you know me, I love all of the bts members. *drops micu*

How can you not love mama Jin?!

Omg so cute I'm gonna die xD!!!

Lmaoooo he looking like "bish wuuut" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yes!! I've always thought that Army should love all of Bts! 😊
amen!!! even though Jin is my Ultimate I still support all of the other members but not many people do's only now that he's blonde that he's getting attention he should have gotten long before
I hate the blond hair on Jin, and I'm probably the only one. But that doesn't change my feelings about him. He is an amazing singer and takes care of his 6 boys. I just hope HE realizes there are a lot of fans that love him for the person he is. I've noticed on stage he doesn't get a lot of 'screen time,' which I find sad.
I'm jin biased
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