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Is Anyone Going To the GOT7 Concert in Dallas?
Is anyone planning to attend? I'm going but my friend who was going to go with me, her mom didn't let her go...I was pretty excited and I was going to pay for her ticket but I guess not anymore... I don't want to go alone and I was wondering if anyone who lives in Houston or anywhere near Baytown would like to go with me? Like if you have no ride, I'll be willing to offer. The thing is that my parents are the one's who are taking me to the concert (so if you find that uncomfortable, that's fine). If you really need a ride, you can message me and I can speak with my parents, but you have to be 100% sure to attend the concert! I wouldn't like to be turned down last minute... Think about it. This would be a perfect way to get to know each other more! ^_^
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@IsoldaPazo Awesome!!
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I am!!!
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@StephersTaylor Whoo!!! Awesome!!
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@KpooGaby thanks! 馃
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@kpopgaby thanks lol
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