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His manager rings from the lobby when he arrives to pick you up.
You shake his hand, “We didn’t get to meet earlier, nice to meet you.”
He shakes your hand and gives you a slight bow,
“Same. If you’ll come with me?”
He leads you out to a car waiting at the curb. It surprises you that he opens the back door for you.
“I’m American; I can totally ride in the front with you, unless that’s uncomfortable?”
He just grins and motions for you to get in.
As you slide in a chuckling voice says, “But that would leave me back here by myself.”
You quickly turn to see [HN] sitting there. He takes your hand and kisses it,
“Good Evening. Thank you for joining me.”
You sit back with a shake of your head and chuckle of your own,
“Thank you for inviting me.”
When you arrive at his apartment, he opens the door “Welcome to my home.”
“Wow. I never dreamed this would ever happen.”
He raises an eyebrow, “Oh? What?”
You motion around you, “This, you. Celebrities are so far above the rest of us you know?”
He guides you in to sit at the table.
“We are normal people, just like everyone. Maybe we have busier schedules, more hectic lives, eat better?” he laughs at the last one pointing at the food.
“But I bleed, I cry, I feel. Don’t they say artists with pain write better songs? Artists that starve for their work produce better art?”
You nod in agreement,
“So I’ve heard. Then tell me, Mr. Real Man Celebrity,” that generates a smile from him. “Why me? You have millions of fans. Why did you pick me of all people to view pictures of, to follow?”
“Because you got me. I’ve been posting quotes forever and no one ever mentions where they are from, or that they even knew them. You not only knew them, you continued them. That was a pleasant surprise.” He motions to the food, “I wasn’t sure what you like in Korean food or how hot you can handle it.”
“Well, I’m here to experience Korea so I guess we’ll find out!” The conversation lags only when mouths are full or swallowing. You find him to be very normal and funny.
As dinner finishes you have to ask what’s been on your mind since the day before, “This might be awkward to ask but, where’s your girlfriend? I thought she might be joining us since you just got back yesterday.”
He smiles, “She had a schedule tonight, she welcomed me home last night.”
You nod and he asks, “And the man in your photos is a boyfriend? Husband?”
You smile, “My boyfriend.”
“And he let you come to a foreign country by yourself? For how long are you staying?”
“I’m not by myself, not really. My girlfriend transferred here from China to teach English. She has about a month before she has to report to one of the small towns in the country. She knows I love to travel, love the culture here.”
“And him? Does he also share your love of my culture?”
You laugh, “He tolerates it is probably a better word. There are a few songs, if the MV has great dancing that he’ll watch with me or have on in the background.”
He smiles and nods in understanding,
“It is important to have someone who understands you, is interested in what you like whether they like it or not, correct?”
Your conversation journeys all over the place to people you've met and countries each of you have visited; to funny events that happen when you aren’t familiar with the culture. After a few hours you look at your phone and realize that Lee’s plane is about to land.
“Wow, where has the time gone? My friend’s plane lands in ten minutes.”
“You are to pick her up?”
“No. But I should be back at the hotel for when she arrives.”
“We will take you then."
You shake your head, "I can grab a taxi; no need for you to go back out.”
“I will see you safely back to your hotel, no arguments.”
ahhhh. . and so the "catch" finally reveals it's ugly head.. we're both in relationships.. boy.. so this is Forbidden... I was wondering why he seemed so mature. he can, probably is, my age or older. this could be Kai or Rain if I wanted. so far... ugh... Eonni my heart.. ugh... my feels... I can't cheat! don't make me... lol
You're just an updating machine today
uhoh I see the taboo, girl
Hmmm....OK so we are both not single?! Ooooo😮 Let's see where this takes us. We click and there's definitely an attraction there. Can't wait to see what happens next. Who's going to crack first, me or him?!!
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