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So.... I log onto Facebook and u wanna know what I see? THESE FREAKIN KILLER PHOTOS THAT JUST MADE ME WANT TO FANGIRL AND CURL UP IN A BALL AND DIE. I must say This has been the best trilogy ever.
FIRST THINGS FIRST Jin looks FINE AF as a blond I always thought he looked handsome and cute with dark hair but I don't know why. The blond makes him look REALLY REALLY SEXY I can't believe how nice it turned out to be.
SUGA DONT GET ME STARTED!!!!!! Suga is one of my BIGGEST bias wreckers and this new photo shoot ain't helping one bit THE FRECKLES!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that they brought this into the mix bc I really like freckles!!!!!! Plus he rocks them XD AND HIS HAIR I love his grandfather hair and UGHHHH My heart feels like exploding XD
Jungkook The mankae is rocking the curly hair I love it when idols have their hair like this. It's really nice!!! It's nice for a change instead of having straight bangs. Idk it makes him look really innocent but at the same time it's like holy mother of Kanye. XD And the earrings just add to it 😍😍😍 Idk if it's just me but earrings make a man 10x sexier XD
Hobi Lately Hobi has been creepin up my bias list and tbh like Suga he has been wrecking it XD I love Hobi he hit makes me so happy. These pics bring out the childish side of him and I'm loving it. His smile his eyes his everything is just perfect XD THIS MAN DOES THESE THINGS TO MY HEARTEU AND ITS NOT OKAY XDDD
Tae DAAAAMNNN TAR BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE ORANGE HAIR Sry I had to XD The looks so nice with this bright hair style. I'm so used to seeing him with his dark hair but I'm happy to see this hair style back Tae is always gonna be in my heart with his bangs and everything. I remember his orange hair with the Boy in Luv and I love it But just in general the photo shoot just makes him so playfull!!!
Jimin Okeh I've been waiting to do this one As of recent Jimin is my ultimate bias. This photo shoot makes him look so cute (≧∇≦) He looks like a school boy tbh But I ain't complaining XD But when I saw the pictures my stomach fell to the floor I can't really wrap my head around it but these pictures really make me re fall for him XD UGHHH so cheesy XD
Rapmon Last but not least Namjoon I must say he looks really classy and really sexy XD He really really rocks the grey hair and The hair style is just awesome on him!!!! I'm so used to the bright blond short sides and long too sort of look. But I love this!!!!!!!


#1 I can't ignore the moment going on between Hobi and Jimin XD #2 another bromance pic #3 son and dad picture #4 I really like how Tae and Suga look here idk why but I love it XD #5 A Namjin moment (≧∇≦)( ̄◇ ̄;) #6 I also like how They look it's just IDK I JUST LOVE ALL OF THEM DDDX
So what we have learned this whole rant thing is what I think about the new photo shoot why it's killing me and that I need a life XD They KILLIN me here ......

But I love them'

What do you think?

Tae looks like he's cosplaying GD in Sober in that second pick😂 I had to go back and look again to see if I was seeing things correctly😅
thay group photo of jin and namjoon makes me think of elderly couples taking naps woth each other.
In these photos, Suga reminds me of a bunny. He looks too adorable!