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[Postgame] Giants vs D-Backs (04/21)

Now this was the game we needed to take.

Instead of Shelby Miller, Arizona put out Tyler Wagner and who did we have? Johnny Cueto. I thought this was going to be an easy W for us. But not so fast. Goldie was on top of his game and got several RBIs off of Johnny Baseball and our bullpen could not stop the D-Backs offense from scoring...again.
Yeap. We lost 6-2. What a disappointment...and the worst part?

That was the first time D-Backs swept us in a four-game series. Embarrassing.

My fellow Giants fans, what were your reactions to the game?

I don't even want to talk about this.
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embarrassing is what that was. but hey its only April...
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Giants are struggling right now to get enough runs or maintain leads with bull pen. They keep this up changes will be made soon
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