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Okay folks Step right up. Lol jk here is the short/long awaited chapter
Baby Don't Cry It's been exactly 3 days since I left the hospital. Three days, and I had to become an ex-girlfriend of someone I actually liked, to be a girlfriend to someone I loathed. I moved out of the EXO-M dorm floor today down to EXO-K dorm floor, I hated this. I punched in the door code and walked in with my luggage and backpack. I looked down and slipped off my chucks into some house slippers, and walked into the lion's den. "Hey, noona your here" Sehun came out of the kitchen suddenly, with a smirk on his face. "Drop the act Sehun" I said a little harshly, He placed a finger over his lips as he wanted me to be quiet, I looked at him and ponited to the living room, I peeked my head in and seen the CEO, Manager Lee and Suho talking. I caught eyes with Suho and I backed up into Sehun "Hey watch it" He whispered I looked at him and glared, he waved his hand at me to follow him, at this point I just had to. "Here noona, this is your room." he said I looked around it was small but duable, he helped me pull my bags into the room, when my phone went off I looked and seen the text from my brother "Just landed, we got our driver well text you the address" It read, "Oh shoot, excuse me Sehun I need to talk to the manager" I said "about what?" he asked I just smiled and went by him. I went to the living room and the CEO and the manager were getting up "Oh Maria-ssi your here" I bowed at them "Hello, yea I am sir" I said, "I uh, actually need to ask permission to go out today" I said The manager and the CEO looked at each other, "May I ask for what occasion?" Manager Lee asked "I just got a text that my brothers are in town and I wanted to spend time with him before they left to the next city for their tour, well they stopped here hoping to see me" I said hoping that they'll let me go, the CEO smiled "It's fine with me" He said, he patted Suho's back "I'll be leaving first" He said we all bowed to him as I walked him to the door. I came back "Yea, you can go Maria, we do have a curfew so be back by 11" He said I nodded "What about schedules today?" I asked "Well, its actually a free day, Junmyeon suggested that you guys go out today, but since it's family-" "We can do it another day." He said cutting off the manager, "Cool, I'm going to get ready" I said leaving to go back to my room, I grabbed an outfit, and changed in the bathroom. Before I left I stopped by the living room, "I'm leaving now, I'll be back later." I said Suho got up ans walked me to the door, "You don't have to do that Suho, we both know you don't like this idea." I said to him pulling my flats on and grabbed my jacket, "Yea, I know but I do need to tell you something Maria-ssi" He said, I stopped and looked at him "Becareful out there, and here take this" He said handing me some money and a facemask "Thanks Suho." I said our hands brushed each other and I got a tingling feeling, "I have to go. I'll be back later" I said leaving out the door. What the hell was that? (Suho's POV) Am I really getting feelings for her? I question myself. I shook my head and went back into the living room "Where's noona going?" Kai asked, "She has family here and wanted to spend the day with them before they leave tomorrow" I said "And they let her do that?" He questioned I nodded "Something about them on tour or something" I said repeating what she said earlier.. I couldn't think right she was on my mind, she looked really cool dressed the way she was, she never dressed liked that in front of us. Is that how she normally dresses? "Hyung?" Sehun brought me out of my thoughts "Huh? sorry" I said "I said noona looked really different didn't she" I nodded "I don't think she'll get noticed" I said. D.O. and Chanyeol came in "Hey lets go get something to eat hyung" D.O, said I nodded we all got up "Where's Baekhyun?" I asked realizing it was actually quiet in the house. "Oh, he had a schedule today" Chanyeol answered "But it was for this morning" I said "Maybe he just stayed in the studio today" He replied I nodded as we left the dorm. We walked down the street avoiding any attention to us "By the way where's noona?" Chanyeol asked, He and Maria have been really close lately, ever since they told us at the hospital, after they said she had to break ties with Chen. Did she really like him that much, I seen the sadness in her eyes when they told her, I was pretty excited that my plan was going through, but.. I don't know. "Her brother is in town and went to him." I said I hope she's okay. There I go again, I'm not suppose to be catching these feelings. I really trying.
(Maria's POV) I followed the address that Jaime sent me, I was so happy I ran cause it was literally down the road. I walked in and bowed at the doorman, I told them to wait down in the lobby and they did cause I seen my crazy brothers spikey hair, "Hey Hime-Time" I said they all looked "Marmar, he said running to me as we collided he held me for a long time "I missed you so much big brother" I said letting go to hug his bandmates "Hey Maria!" Tony said I smiled and hugged him as long as I did Jaime "Okay love birds" Vic laughed I felt myself blush "Hey, don't say that." I said looking around, "What are you looking at." Jaime asked, "Let's get something to eat, and I'll tell you guys." I said. "So they put you in an all boy group, and you share a dorm flat with half the guys?" Mike asked I nodded "and you started secretly dating on of them memembers, but had to break up because?" Tony asked, "I didn't want to tell you guys, but I got attack a few days ago on stage by some fans, and Suho carried me off stage, we got to the hospital and the company and fans were taking to sns that we were a cute couple, and that he was so caring." I said looking down, "But he's been treating you like shit this whole time." Vic said "Wait this is the guy you were telling me about right Mars?" Jaime asked I nodded, "I wanna meet this guy, and giving a piece of my mind." He said I wrapped my arms around him, "It's okay Jaime" I said, I heard some girls chatting behind us but ignored them, Tony put his arm over my shoulder, "Hey it's like the old gang is back together" He smiled "Except we're not back in San Diego." Vic laughed "Same differance, I missed you guys" I said laughing, then some more chatters behind us, I turned around and seen a few girls staring at us, I caught what a few of them were saying "I knew that girl was no good, she's cheating on Suho oppa." I looked back at the boys, "I think we need to leave I looked around and realized the the front was completely crowded with EXO-Ls "What's going on?" Tony asked, but before I said anything the restuant owner came up to me "Ah, Maria-ssi you can go out back" She said I bowed and thanked her. We got away "Jeeze what was all that about?" Jaime asked "EXO fans" I laughed "Wow, our fans back at home don't even do that, that's crazy" Mike laughed, I laughed in agreement. "What time is?" I asked "Uh about 8:30" Tony replied I nodded "When do you need to head back?" He asked "Before 11, but I think I'm going to head back a little early, you guys gotta catch you flight early, you guys go out and have fun." I said before leaving them in the lobby of their hotel, "You be careful out there, Mars" Tony said hugging me, I buried my head into his chest "I will" I said I let go to hug Vic and Mike, I turned around to give my brother a hug "Come home soon kid, mom misses you." He said, "I will Hime" I said. I waved bye to them and walked off back to the dorms. I was less than halfway I felt someone following me, I pulled out my phone to call Xiumin "Hello?" "Hey are you at the dorms?" I asked "Yea, what's up?" He asked "Walk down the street going towards the coffee shop, I feel like someone is following me" I said "Okay hold on stay on the phone" He said I felt relieved as I tried to walk a bit faster, I got even more scared cause there was an unlit alley coming up "Come on Xiumin hurry" I said into the phone "Maria-ssi!" I seen him coming up, I hung up "Oppa" I said and we walked towards the dorm with his arm over my shoulder. "There's two people following you, where did you come from?" He asked quietly "The hotel, my brother and friends were there" I said He nodded the building came into view. We looked back it was two girls, they looked familar. We got to the dorms and punched in our code and went inside "omo, I seen those girls before." I said "Oh? Where?" He asked I explained what happened at the resturant, and what I discussed with my brother. He nodded "I bet it's just nothing, I wanna meet your oppa sometime soon." He said smiling I got up from their couch "I better go back down, I didn't realized it was almost 11" I said He nodded and walked me to the door "See you at the shoot Maria-ssi" He said "Night oppa" I siad and left downstairs to EXO-K's dorm, I punched in the code, there was no one here so I went staright to my room, I opened the door, as I gasped. "WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?" I yelled my room was trashed my clothes were thrown everywhere, my bed was turned over. I heard the door open and laughter of the boys filling the flat, I stormed out "Noona!" Chanyeol said smiling "What the hell guys!" Isaid again, they all looked at me "What's up noona?" Chanyeol asked "What's up? I know you guys hate the fact that I have to live here, but trashing my room after I leave is way beyond the line." I said "What are you talking about jagiya?" Suho said "Don't ever call me that, we both damn well know, what kind of relationship this is." I said getting mad, "Look, we all agreed not to bother your room, or bother you." D.O. said "I guess it wasn't clear enough" I said walking back into my room. I sat on the floor trying to pick up stuff, there was a knock on the door "Noona?" Chanyeol said coming in, I let him and he sat next to me "What happened?" He asked "I just don't want to do this anymore, I hate how everyone is treating me, I'm in a relationship with someone I hate, I miss seeing Chen, I miss my brother and my friends. I just don't want to be here." I said breaking down, Chanyeol held me, "It's okay noona, I know how you feel, I miss my mom, and my noona. But I have to be here, I have to endure all this" He said, "Hey, let's go get coffee in the morning before we go to the shoot okay." He said I nodded, as he wiped my tears "I love you noona, let me help fix your bed." He said getting up and pulling my mattress over. "Get some sleep noona." He said giving me his big grin. I smiled back and laid down. Before I dozed off I realized something... Did he say I love you?
Yay!!!! Lol Xiumin to the rescue on that. Anyways how about my special guests? They are a post hardcore band called "Pierce The Veil" if you didn't noticed in the beginning that our OC is actually American, so in the second set of photos the guy I specially added is suppose to be her older brother. (: Anywhos I hope you guys like this chapter, I'm feeling extremely happy today so for a special treat I'll update one more chapter plus if there are any readers of my "The Death Amongst Us" story I'll also be updating that tonight. Anyways thanks for the read and all the lovin and what not Gomabseubnida Saranghae 💕💕 Tags: @GeniferEskue @SindyHernandez @Kpossible4250 @tiffany1922 @KristinaCaron @MidnightMadness @EmmaJolie
@JaxomB ah I see I shall check them out
@Selfishmachines Royal Pirates is an American band. They started out in California if I remember correctly.
@JaxomB ah.. That's an interesting thought, but no it's an American band :) that would've been cool, but like I said the OC is actually American. Soooo yup lol
I had Royal Pirates in the back of my mind for her brother's
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