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"I guess you are shock huh?" He said giving a smile. I just look at him and didn't say anything. How could he be a....
"Mommy!! Mommy wake up!!" I scream. I run to a room where my mother is. She is laying one the bed. Her throat had been ripped out. She turned her head and smiled. "Don't worry sweetie, When it's your turn don't fight it." She said coming towards me. I run out the room and runs into my dad. He is standing there while someone is sucking in his neck. "Run, Run." He said barely. I saw as the person drops my dad body to the floor. The person comes towards me. I realize that the person was a female. She had my father blood coming down her face. "Don't worry sweetie I won't kill. I'll just take you as my pet." She said. I scream as she come towards. Then out of nowhere a guy comes and take me away. I heard him say. "I'm sorry I had to erase your memories."
Then I woke up sweaty. I turn and looked at the clock and it's said 5 o'clock a.m. I look over at Amber and saw that she was out cold. I get out of bed and take a bottle of water from the small frigerator. I couldn't believe the dream that I had. Who was that and why does he look like the guy that's save me from embarrassment. I turn and went back to my bed and went to sleep. I must had be out because I didn't hear the alarm go off. Amber waking me up. "Come on sleep ahead before we are late to class." She said putting on her Sao back. She looks back at me and smiled. I get up and get ready for class. We walked into this big class room. It's looks like it's about 80 students. Me and Amber sat in the back row. There was a couple of sits still empty. I was pulling out my books when I looked up I was in shocked.
It's was Yeo Jin-Goo, I stared at him. I could a guy that saved me from embarrassment be in my class. As I thought things couldn't get any worse. The player boy came into my class. He looked up at me. He run right where I was sitting at. He looked at Jin-Goo with disgust. He sat next to me and smiled. "I never got your name?" He tried to ask me. "Well my name is Jungkook. But you can call me your Kookie." He said with a smile. I just looked at him. I put my eyes on the professor after what he said.
POV:Alice I stayed in the library to study. I didn't realise how dark it was. I packed my books and notes and left. I walked out side and looked at the dark sky. I was walking toward my dorm when I saw Jin-Goo walking. He was looking like something was wrong. I was going to go say hi until I saw a person come out of nowhere. The guy have a sword or something in his hand. I became and didn't know what to do. "Jin-Goo!" I scream to warn him that somebody is about to kill him. He turned around and throw him down. Grabbed his wrist and broke it as he twisted. "Who Are you?" He yelled as his eyes turned a light purple. Then he looked up at with his purple eyes. I stood there just looking at his eyes. The guy in the ground got up and tried to stab him. He grabbed the guy by the neck and pinned him to the ground. "Who are you?" He asked again. Before the guy could answer some more guys came at him. The guy coming from him left had a knife that's glows. He tried to stab Jin-Goo but he twist around and throw him. The guy on the right saw me standing when he came after me. I tried to run but the guy caught and then something happen to the guy. He started to get wings. They almost looked like fairy wings. The jump and began to fly away. I looked down and saw Jin-Goo still fighting the other guys. I tried to get him to put me down by kicking and screaming. Then out of nowhere I felt a rush of air come by me and the I felt myself fall. I scream as I was getting closer to the ground. I closed my eyes and then I felt somebody wrapped their arms around me. I open my eyes and saw Jin-Goo with his purple eyes his wings. The out of nowhere I remember who his was. He is the boy that saved me when I was a kicked. "Your a fairy?" I asked. He looked at me with his purple eyes as I feel asleep.
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