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8. I will see you again.

Is weekend and they are both at the airport saying goodbye.. Jackson is looking very tired like if he hasn't been sleeping  well for the fact that he does not wants to leave Mark behind.. Mark couldn't  decide and he preferred to stay and continue  his trip in Taiwan.. JYP is approaching  them...

JYP: "hello guys are you ready to go?"

Jackson: " well I guess  I am... looking sad"

JYP: "Mark?"... Looking at him with a question expression on his face kind of dessapointed..

Mark: "I am not sure I  want to do this first of all.. so.. I am not telling you to give me time because I don't know .. and I dont want to make any promises to you . Feel free to pick who ever you want.."

JYP: "I understand your point.. but I am still will give you the time that you need ok.. so don't worry. . They will be training  for about a year before their first debut I think that would be enough  time for you to decide..because I want you I already decide.. I GOT 7 already.. including  you.."

Mark: " but..b.."

" Mark please. Just think about it ok..ok stay here do all the things you wanted to do and then come.. come I'll  be waiting  for you..ok." touching  his face.. an looking at his eyes lainfully.. JYP : Smiles.. "ok so.. we will see you soon then"

Mark nods ... thinking that they are very sure about what they are saying ..assuming  he will go to Korea..

JYP and Jackson start walking   to check in Jackson  is looking  back and waving goodbye. .JYP smiles at the scene of watching them say good bye with so much sadness.

JYP: "Hey Jackson? Don't worry too much he will come.. I promise you that..haha"

" how do you know  that? he is very certain  of what  he wants..I don't think he would come.."

" Jackson  how  come  you can not read your own lover..? Look at the sadness in his eyes too see you go" Jackson turns back and stares.. he can see Mark still there standing waiting for him to disappear in the crowd .. he stars running back to Mark.. Mark is surprised  at the scene looking with wide open eyes ..Jackson  gets to him and embrace him tightly and whisper in his ears..
"I will see you again.. because." he takes his hand and place it on his chest  by his heart and tells him .. "I feel you here in my heart" ..and plants a kiss on his lips and walks away.. waves goodbye  again. And runs back to JYP.

Mark: sigh. . "Well I came here for a reason." he tells himself. .. now what?  What is it? He press his lips together and sigh again ... calls a taxi.. and goes back to the Hotel.

Jackson and JYP are in the air plain on their way to Korea..Jackson is lost on his thoughts biting his nails looking  out the window  thinking whether or not Mark  will come to join  him and GOT7..


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