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This is my second time seeing a Kpop related post on Buzzfeed's Snapchat!! Ever since I saw the Jimin related one I keep checking their Snapchat story to see if anything would pop up, and guess what? It did!! With GD!!!!
I literally almost died when I was watching this post about the prom thing, I actually almost skipped it because it didn't look interesting, but I was curious what it meant by, "Who's will be your prom date?" So I checked it out and I wasn't really interested and the moment I was about to leave I saw a glimpse of GD and guess who I saw the moment I hit pause? The one and only G-Dragon!!!! I automatically screenshotted it and had to show you guys!!!!
Thanks for hitting me once again in the fangirl feels Buzzfeed cx Anyway, have sweet dreams everyone and let's be extremely happy that kpop fans are taking over the world ^-^
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