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Is anyone planning on going? I just found out about BTS performing and I really want to go but I have no one to go with :'( Has anyone been to past Kcons? Either LA or NY? I want to hear about your experiences :) Also enjoy these edits I made for my wallpapers for my phone and iPad haha ***Warning it's mostly Jin cause he's my UB haha if you want me to make some different ones I can, just ask :)
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@KpopQueen1 what's all including in the platinum? I'm super new to all of this haha
@EverieMisfit the platinum is just special access to things but I also might go for the $800 or $450 cause I want a limited gift bag.
@KpopQueen1 ooooh that sounds nice haha I always opt for the ones that get me more things haha
@EverieMisfit same I live in Texas too I'm going to go to the NYC one