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GOT7 In Dallas
So tickets go on sale next weekend and I'd like to know which of my fellow Vinglers are gonna be there and which tickets you plan to buy. Me, my bestie and her cousin are getting the front row, vvip, whichever they're called and we'll be getting there sometime the morning of and staying the night after the concert (it's to long of a drive back home afterwards) If anyone else plans to stay up there, I suggest we all grab foods.
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@MaggieHolm We're coming up from the Beaumont area. We're also getting the group 1 tickets! @Hongbinhyung Damn, I would've offered a ride but you're coming from the opposite direction.
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@Emealia it's okay. I might have a friend come with me or maybe my friend that lives in Texas might come I don't yet
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@Emealia awesome!
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La tickets but I hate axs😩
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I'm planning on being there and staying too. it would be nice to have someone to guide me while in there.
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