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Jackson is disappointed @_@ prefers to go skydiving or safari trip on first date!
Jackson did not want to Eat out however, this was a special place for Jooheon!
one day he will make an amazing boyfriend !
Me when Jackson wants to skydive
Jackson gave a vitamin drink to Jooheon and he threw it out (naturally) however, Jackson would want him to cherish it <3 I do that too Jackson! I keep everything people give me.
here is the second video for our bromance between Jackson and Jooheon
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@JasminMartinez I watched a video of a lady slipping put her parachute, I just don't know if my love goes that far lol
@Ticasensei haha all I can say is if that happened to me, at least I will go doing something awesome lol
@JasminMartinez we can do something awesome on land lol it seams Jackson just wants to get out the norm.. poor baby
I love watching Jackson videos. he has the hardest time being alone. but he's hilarious with other people.
@DenieceSuit I love watching hiS vids too, poor Jackson is lonely