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I'm so sorry for the long wait!! I did post up a new fanfic though called "Run" so I hope many of you are enjoying that. Anyways let's stop the blabbering and let's get to it.
I walked into the house that I had rented out before I was caught, I greeted the man on the couch as he got up "How were you able to escape?" He asked "It wasn't easy, but it was worth it" I replied, He nodded "She was hurt pretty bad but she's still alive." He said, he had a tray with some food. "I'll take it up" I said "Are you sure?" I nodded, "You should head back before they notice your gone as well." I told him, he nodded and left out the door, I opened the door and sat the tray of food on the table next to her, I noticed she was sniffling I smiled "Oh your awake?", I said, she slowly turned around, and smiled when I seen the horror in her eyes, "Hello Rae" I said to her and smiled. She looked at me and moved away, "How... How did you do it?" She asked, I shrugged, *Earlier that night* I pulled Dr. Kim into my bed and took his coat off and put it on myself, I grabbed his keys, and his door pass. "Time to see what he had finished." I thought as I left out of the hospital without being spotted, after when he told the he got Raelin at the house, I proceeded on, they're going to find that doctor soon. After I made it to Xiumin's house there wasn't anyone home yet... I would've thought someone would of been here after they left from visiting me today. I looked around his apartment after being able to open the door, looked like Noona and Doctor Kim were close. I smiled knowing the breaking news I'll have to tell her especially what I have planned for tonight. I heard voices coming down the hallway so I decided to hide on the balcony. I silently waited hearing my friends talk amongst themselves about finding Rae, then I hear footsteps towards the balcony door, then I see him Chanyeol. I was about to go out when Xiumin follows him, "Is what he said still bothering you?" Xiumin asked him I seen Chanyeol nod He patted his back, "Just take a breather, and come back inside okay." He said before going back inside, He sighed as he looked over the edge and out to the city. "What can I do? This is my fault. I shouldn't have helped to take her there." He said to himself. I smiled, and walked out of the shadows, "Thinking of betraying me Yeolie?" I said startling him, He looked at me scared, "Kyungsoo-ah.." He started saying, I smiled and touched his face, "Oh you done well, but you do this, I'll blackmail you... with all of our "fun" times together... how do you think Jongin is going to feel about that? Or Baekyun?" I said as my hand traced down his arm to his hand. "Please, D.O.-ah I wasn't going to." He pleaded, I smirked. "Yeolie, I can see it in your eyes, but your time is done." I said, I grabbed his shirt and pushed him a little over the edge, tears streaming down his face, "Kyungsoo-ah please" He begged one last time" I smiled. "Goodbye Chanyeol." I said and let him go. I watched as he fell and hit the ground, blood starting to pool around his head. Five stories high, I don't think he made it. "Where's Chanyeol?" I heard Baek ask, "He's on the balcony" Xiumin answered him, I snuck away before anyone else could see me, I jumped to the next balcony over and managed to sneak into that place, and left out the door. I took the elevator down, and noticed a group of people circling around where Chanyeol was, then one by one they all came out. I smirked and walked off. I send off a text to Xiumin as I walked off "I'll be seeing you guys again." *Present* (Rae's POV) "Please, stop." I tried begging as I fell to the floor, I was in pain and hurting everywhere, Kyungsoo just looked at me and smiled, he kneeled down next to me. "Want to know who brought you here?" He said smiling. I shook my head knowing the answer to it already. "Come on, I'm sure you want to know." He said again. "Please just stop Kyungsoo-ah" I managed to say again looking straight at him, he clenched his teeth, I suddenly felt a painful sting on my face. I held in as I just fell to the floor, I felt broken I don't want this anymore. "Just know, that your best friend and your little brother are now gone as well." He said I looked up at him, and gave him a face. "Wh-what do you mean? What did you do to Ji Hoo!" I yelled, but breathing in was like having needles in my chest. "Dr. Kim is dead. How else did you think I got out?" He said smiling, I felt tears come down my cheeks. "Who else?" I asked fearing the answer, thinking of the worst. "Chanyeol Hyung." He said smiling, I looked at him. "Wh-what?" I said, the needle feeling in my chest tightened as I broke down, I breathed in and started sobbing. "What id wrong with you?!?!" I yelled, he just laughed. "All in good time, noona... All in good time." He said turning around and grabbed something off the table, and walked towards me. "Stay away from me." I tried saying and scooted away. He injected a needle into my arm, as I started to feel dizzy and everything was growing dark... the drugs took over as I fell into a deep sleep.
*Meanwhile* (Baekhyun's POV) We sat in the living room of Xiumin's house. We lost yet another friend. We don't know what to do it's down to five of us. "Baek?" I looked up to see Sehun, he had worry in his eyes. I started tearing up again, he sat next to me and pulled me into his arms, I felt bad cause Im the oldest, I'm suppose to be strong from him, but I couldn't hold it in. "Shhh, it's okay hyung, it'll be all over soon." He said I nodded, my best friend was gone. (Sehun's POV) I sat there holding Beak, I felt really bad for him. Him and Chanyeol were best friends. I don't know what to do, I lost Luhan the same way. Kyungsoo is getting out of hand... but we are all on his death list. Who knows which one of us is next. (Lay's POV) No words can describe how I feel. I'm comforting Xiumin, he's blaming himself again. "It's all my fault, I didn't look to see who took Rae, I didn't stay with Chanyeol." He keeps saying over and over. "Shhh, Minseok, it's not your fault, we'll find who did this." I managed to say "I already know who it is.... he escaped." He said to me I looked at him. "What do you mean?" I asked. Right when he said that the warning sound from the TV went off Breaking News: Authorites annouced a connection to the death of Kim Ji Hoo, a Psychiatrist at Seoul Medical Center, A paitent was been reported missed, therefor made for an escape and is lead suspect for the murder. No words yet on the name of the escaped paitent, but do keep aware that this person could be extremely dangerous. Stay turned for more to come. (No One's POV) All five boys looked at each other, Xiumin got up and wiped his eyes "I think He's planning to come after... all of us." Xiumin said, they all looked to on another, "Then what? He'll be happy? I'm not going to sit here and wait." Chen said. "So.... what do we do?" Asked Suho "We... have to run." Lay said, putting his head in his hands. "Where? He'll find us." Kai said, "Hyung, we don't have anywhere else to go." Sehun said "I'm getting a text... it's an unknown number." Baekhyun said looking at his phone. "who is it?" Xiumin asked "I can't believe it" He said again, putting his hand over his mouth " Baek? What does it say?!" Suho asked standing up coming towards him. Baekhyun cleared his throat "Sending me to that Psychiatric Ward was a bad idea." Everyone was looking around to see if there was anyway that he could've seen what they were doing at that moment, but found nothing, they all sat around again, when another phone went off, frozen Kai reached for his phone, and tossed it on the table after reading it, he started to tear up. "Kai?" Xiumin said sitting next to him. "Hyung, I...I got one too." He said, they all looked at the phone sitting there, the words making Kai feel guilty for sending his love to a mental hospital, "Right Jongin?" Along with picture attached of a beaten up Rae, she was a sister to Kai so they couldn't blame him for crying, he couldn't see her like that and neither could Xiumin. "We need to find him. tonight." Xiumin said, everyone agreed.
Well... At least I didn't kill anyone in this chapter :D So how was the Kyungsoo perspective? Who do you think was helping with the kidnapping? I did leave a clue in there. Tell me what you think, and also who do you think the next victim of Kyungsoo is. I'll see you guys in the next chapter (: Saranghae 💕 Tags: @MaritessSison Comment for tags. Eternalkpop Fam: @EmilyPeacock @Sugakookies
@MaritessSison keyword yet... Lol
Wait...... is the helper Suho, because I didn't see him there with the others? X3
Still awesome to read. I love these thriller kind of stories, really exciting. Can't wait for the next chapter
Nope you didn't axe anyone yet lol 😜