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So I haven't been on here or posted anything in a while due to LIFE....sorry...but I'm back and I have something to share, a few things actually lolz. So one thing I want to share is that sometime in May for 2 weeks, I am going to Seoul, South korea, hopefully, I pray. I have been working mostly and dealing with family and health issues, no worries though, everything is good now and I pray it stays that way. 2nd thing ....hehe...
I was checking out vingle news and all and I read this one post talking about new kpop groups and I got curious. I got on YouTube and search a new boy group called KNK, I think... Sooooooo........ ⬇
down below is the video.... ⬇ WARNING = may cause nosebleeds, trouble breathing, heart problems and possibly death. Knk - knock. ⬇
Oh My honey bunnies... so I stared watching it and I was like... ⬇
This is some good music, right off the bat. I likey! Then I started seeing the members one at time singing and saw them dance and was like... ⬇
within a few seconds into it I had to stop it and get away from it. ⬇
I'm like no no no no nooooo, I can't, I shouldnt, I mustn't, no more, I don't need to struggle more, so much stress, to many bias, to many I like, to much for my heart!! OH! MY! STRESS! Jackson had momentarily possessed me . sigh Annnywhooooo.... I couldn't stop, I continued watching it... ⬇
it was... ⬇
the feels, I was literally ... ⬇
I actually did....but, BUT that's cause I got little sleep, hadn't eaten, had just got off work, and a weak heart, plus I was hyperventilating.... LOLZ.... I was completely ...⬇
Yup I did all that... I love the music. The dance was cool and interesting and the members, even though a few looked 100% Japanese to me, were cute, sexy, beautiful, or either hot.... So here are the members ⬇
aren't the ah-dor-ah-ble?! I'm done.. I'm done for... To late to go back, I curse you knk! Why? Why, why! Waaaeeee!!!??? I won't pick! I can't pick! I like all of them..... grrrr sigh
I need more friends and a new current life has been ruined by kpop.... I think I've lost it....
....and sleep..... and food..... So did you like them, hm, hm??
They CUTE, rrrriiiight? Tell me what you thought of them, what you felt and all and Good luck trying to not dream of them and fantasize about them!! AnyWhoooo.... That's all for now, until next time! PEACE!
Bye, Adios, I'm out! Good day!
@MYAlpha he's my wrecker! They are adorable and drive me crazy
@Sammie99522 Thank you!! They are, I'm kinda leaning towards seunghun right now lol. 😆
Welcome back! Have a blast in Seoul! And Knk are amazing my bias is Youjin 😍
WELCOME BACK hope all is well!!!! And omg SEOUL! TAKE ME WIHT!!!!
@Sammie99522 I totally agree, same here!
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