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So it's been raining today & I was listening to Block B's new song Walkin' In The Rain & thought oh a rainy day playlist so here it is!
Walkin' In The Rain by Block B : its just perfect. It has a freshing beat and melody even though it's kind of sad song. I love it as well as the rest of Block B's new album! ^^ #Toy2ndWin
Raining Spell for Love By Super Junior : I love Super Junior vocals <3 This song is so nice, even though it's sad, and fits a rainy day
Letting Go by Day6 : I really like Day6's newst album too. This song is, as the title suggests, about letting go. It's just another song that fits a rainy day
Drip Drop by Taemin! This song is so good, again loooved his recent solo album. This song describes drip drops as how someone he likes makes him feel and even on a rainy day or through a storm, if that person is there it's okay. (also if you like this song, my friend & I will be doing a little something with this song soon on my YouTube channel ^^ stay tuned~)
Beautiful Liar by LR(VIXX) : Love this song <3 Leo has such a nice voice & Ravi is cool!
Bad by Tablo ft Jinsil : Such a good song. it's just one of those songs that fits a rainy day too
Outro - Love is not over by BTS : BTS vocal line is so good! Such a beautiful song & the boys have such awesome musically
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on rainy days by beast. Gah the intro when you hear the raindrops and the slow songs. I tend to get carried away when I listened to the song. LOL